Friday, February 7, 2014

The Shallow Graves - Smoke Screen To Your Broken Dream (2013)

The Shallow Graves
Smoke Screen To Your Broken Dream

What a release by The Shallow Graves! This is really promising; Julian Shallow and Chris Moribound are very experienced and they are writing a new page, and it is a very refreshing one. The Shallow Graves is here with high quality Gothic Rock with Dark Wave textures; this album is so finely crafted and their music is very dynamic: It has powerful guitars, great rhythm, and some well placed synths; this one has great songs for the dark dance floor too. ”Smoke Screen To Your Broken Dream” has the majesty of the 90’s Goth Rock classics mixed with the refreshing approach and energy of the great bands from The New Millennium. We have here great music with a top quality production, the work in the recording and mix is so detailed and the sound is crystal-clear like.

After the quiet sound of the intro “Broken Dream”, they will fill your head with a perfectly balanced Gothic Rock- Dark Wave sound in “The Field Of Love” This one has great potential to be a powerful single and a new classic. You will be instantly hooked with the great rhythm of “Times Are Changing”, this one is pretty melodic and it has awesome energy; this track has very good vibe. “In My Hands” is dark and sober, with some sound with reminiscences of The Sisters. Fine, very fine. ”Summer Rain” is vertiginous with driving guitars and fluent synths, this is kick ass Gothic Rock! “Cold Night” is more oriented to the Dark Wave and is so well constructed, introspective, and nostalgic. “In The House Of Tomorrow” has a very rich sound with this fascinating combination of guitars and synths, its very refreshing. “Even My Breath Is Borrowed” has deep introspection and intensity. The Finest sound of 90’s Gothic Rock is the heart and spirit of this gem called “Led By Lust” great track! “All That Guilt” follows the same brilliant path of the previous track, if you love 90’s Goth Rock you will love this track at the first listening. “Hearth throbs And Sighs” is a beautiful song with good rhythm, enchanting melody and emotive. “The Sequel” is The Shallow Grave’s rendition of that classic by The Fields Of The Nephilim. I really like this one, especially because they did their own version instead of an emulation of the sound of FOTN, this one is very honest and well done. After this you will enjoy some awesome remixes of “In The House Of Tomorrow” (By Ashley Dayour), “Times Are Changing” (By Tim Chandler), “The Field Of Love” (By Jessica’s Ascension), and “Cold Night” (By Mph) They gave us an extra with those tracks and they are very appreciated. And the last song is “Brickbats And Highheels”, which is guitar oriented and so energetic, a great way to close this brilliant album. “Smoke Screen To Your Broken Dream” was made with inspiration and passion in every single aspect. I’m pretty excited about this album.

¡Gothic Rock devotees: This one is for you, a real 24K gem made by The Shallow Graves! 

Daniel Olvera

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