Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lebanon Hanover

Country: UK, Germany
Formed in: July 2010
Location: Sunderland - UK,  Bochum - De
Members: Larissa Iceglass, William Maybelline
Contact: [email protected]


Lebanon Hanover are Larissa Iceglass (born July 24, 1988) and William Maybelline (born March 15, 1986)
The duo rose in Williams bedroom in Sunderland, UK in July 2010. Both members with a strong longing for nostalgia and severe fears of the inevitable decaying future decided to disapprove with the high-pitched overproduced music culture of the 21st century. The dark razor wire guitars and reverberating icy vocals may sometimes sound as if they were formed in some british cave in 1982. Eventually in spring 2011 Lebanon Hanover moved back to Larissa's previous place in Berlin but soon they were irritated by too many humans and flew back into a small house at the seaside of North-East England and in strict isolation the writing of the second record 'Why not just be solo' began. Since December 2012 the band settled in the Ruhrgebiet, Germany and are recording a third album.

Sep 11: Split Tape Lebanon Hanover / La Fete Triste [aufnahme+wiedergabe a+w004]
Feb 12: 'The World Is Getting Colder' 12'' LP [Fabrika Records FP005]
Oct 12: 'Why Not Just Be Solo' 12'' LP [Fabrika Records FP007]
Feb 13: Gallowdance 7'' [aufnahme+wiedergabe a+w7''001]

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