Thursday, March 6, 2014

Into The Mist - Into The Mist (2013)

Into The Mist 
Into The Mist 
Into The Mist

This is a highly talented band from Italy, and they are doing some really dark Gothic Rock. Their music is dark, solemn, and has a sheer elegance due to the sophisticated musical structures created by these musicians. As you know, the underground scene from Italy is amazing with those talented artists and Into The Mist, is another great addition in the Italian dark landscape of Gothic Rock, Post Punk, etc.

With influence of bands such as: Fields Of The Nephilim, Sisters Of Mercy, The Mission, Love Like Blood, Nosferatu or Joy Division; these experienced musicians have created this fascinating, atmospheric, and exquisite Gothic Rock. They have been doing music since the 80’s, and the result is this release which has great quality; and they are keeping alive the flame of the finest traditional Gothic Rock, in such a great way. Candle Light Vigil” has a sumptuous intro based on keyboards; it will make you think in ancient times, or maybe in the Vampiric paraphernalia of the 90’s. It vanishes and gives place to some deep and clear bass lines, the drumming is pretty adequate to the phase of the song, it has these lavish guitar and keyboards in harmony, and the powerful voice. This track is really tasteful and has a wonderful smooth melody. With this song they make clear how high their standard is. “Her Crown Of Thorns” has pretty fine guitar work, and this guitar sound gives aplomb and dynamism to the song. This track is mid-tempo, but pretty solid and has great passion. “Mislelia (the Path To The Mist)” is melodic and so captivating; it begins with the sounds of synths, and those martial drums, the voice enter and it creates an elevating mood, and sometime later everything becomes an explosion of great Gothic-Post Punk sound. Awesome track! The following song: “Soldiers From The White Side” is a perfect balance between Gothic Rock and 80’s Dark Wave; pretty refined sound here. “Will You Shine In My Darkness” has romance and deep atmosphere. This track is some of the best Dark wave. “Devil My Angel” is definitive Gothic elegance, Nuff Said!!. And finally “Glass Eyed Shadows” is total atmosphere and introspection.

I’m really surprised and glad with this stunning and promising debut from Into The Mist. Don’t miss this piece of high quality Gothic Rock.

Daniel Olvera

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