Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kill Your Boyfriend - Kill Your Boyfriend (2013)

Kill Your Boyfriend
Kill Your Boyfriend

Kill Your Boyfriend is a new and interesting band based in Treviso, Italy. They have a mixture of Post Punk, 80’s Dark Wave, Shoegaze and Punk. You can found some classic influences in their music, but they are under a fresh and pleasant perspective. Their music is exciting and energetic, combined with atmospheric introspection, and you will have a good time with the Dark Post Punk of Kill Your Boyfriend. “First” is their debut CD, and it is some really promising stuff.

Chester” is frenetic Post Punk; the rhythm is contagious and strong paced, with noisy distorted guitars. This one was made to be played really loud. “Dexter” reminded me of the early works of M!R!M, is a vertiginous and melodic Punk song with synthesized rhythm; very enjoyable indeed. “Jaques” is energetic and electric Post Punk, like the first track of this album. “Xavier” takes us directly to those dark and placid landscapes, like the ones created by The Jesus And The Mary Chain; pretty relaxing song. “Egon” presses the accelerator with fast, and melodic Post Punk sound, this one has really good vibe. “Henry” is the good, classic, Joy Division-esque touch in this release. Great rhythm here! “Tetsuo” is chaotic sound, and immersive mood. And finally there’s more introspection in “William” with those Spagetti-Western guitar riffs and thick atmosphere. They made a really dark trip here, in order to close this release.

The underground scene of Italy has very talented bands, and Kill Your Boyfriend is a good example of that. This band is interesting and promising, and they have lots of spontaneity.

Daniel Olvera

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