Saturday, February 22, 2014

Contre Jour - ABÎME (2014)

Contre Jour 

Contre Jour has released another outstanding work. Their music is refreshing and cold at the same time. "Abîme" means Abyss in french. That's the name of this EP, which compiles bonus tracks from both eras of the albums "One night at the station" and "Passion and Fall". The sleeves and photos accompanying the music are amazing too. "Abîme" is also the name of the first track, which sounds like what french New Wave should have never stopped sounding like. "Mascarade" is catchy and tormented. All in all it's classy Cold Wave topped with the charming vocals of Roxy. Her angel-like voice combined with dark lyrics and atmosphere create a bittersweet, delightful taste. The instrumental tracks "They lied to us" and "Le Code" bring Clan of Xymox to mind, and with "Paris 2052" Siouxsie's spirit is with us. Finest Post-Punk indeed. So, if you have liked Contre Jour's previous works, or if you don't know them yet and are into the Eighties' French Cold Wave sound, you MUST listen to that EP. It is available on the band's Bandcamp for free download. Go on! Click! Click!

Guillaume Renard

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