Friday, February 14, 2014

Double Echo - Life Inside / Rupture / Sylvia - Single (2014)

Double Echo
Life Inside / Rupture / Sylvia
Double Echo

After releasing the pretty relevant album “Phantomime” (Reviewed here on This Is Gothic Rock), Double Echo returns with this Maxi-Single which features three brand new tracks. And once again I have to say that his is Dark Post Punk at its finest: The music here is dark, elegant, is so finely crafted and it has great passion.
Life Inside” has great energy; the rhythm machine flows in a very dynamic way, and the bass lines are dominant, and their pace will make you move. The voice is accompanied by an almost spectral shynt, which delivers soft-sounded chords in the right places, emphasizing the mood of the song. “Rupture” has this dark and thick sound in the rhythmic section at the beginning; it goes in crescendo, and it turns into a beautiful and charming melody accompanied with female voice; it’s just awesome. The most elegant and beautiful 80’s Dark Wave sound is displayed in “Sylvia”; this song is dark and romantic at the same time.
And then…it’s over; but is an awesome Maxi-single. Definitely a must-have if you love the music of Double Echo.


Daniel Olvera

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