Saturday, March 8, 2014

Garden of Delight - Radiant Sons | Rediscovered (2013)

Garden of Delight
Radiant Sons | Rediscovered 

Garden of Delight continues with the Rediscovered series; this time “Radiant Sons” emerges again with renewed energy, because it has been rebuilt by the same creative mind. This is both classic and freshly renewed at the same time. In the original release from 2000, we can appreciate to a consolidated Garden Of Delight: Their musical style was developed in quite a remarkable way; showing maturity, and an undeniable high standard in their Occvlt Gothic Rock style, which is executed with mystical spirit, passion, stunning guitar work, vocal power, and a strong rhythm section. All of this was provided by Artaud Seth, Mike York,and Tom O'Connell, and the result is a pretty consistent and remarkable album. “Radiant Sons” is back 13 years after the original release, and this is the way to write a new story through this classic album. “Chaos AD” is mid-paced, powerful, and pretty melodic, especially in the chorus. The bass lines are quite big and rhythmic, the guitar work is very fine, and the voice has passion and expressive power. “Agony” is very impressive with the acoustic sound, the female voice in the chorus, and the sublime keyboard sound; they have constructed a definitive classic song of the finest Goth Rock. “Obsessed” is pretty relaxing; it has dominant acoustic guitar sound, which is pretty adequate for the reflexive and passionate mood of the song. “Shariah” is highly refined Gothic Rock; the gates of perception are opened through this Occvlt music, with the distinctive touch of Garden of Delight. “Crucified” has dynamic rhythm, mesmerizing harmonies, and passion; this track was beautifully constructed. “Astral Traveler” honors to its name, is an immersive, trance-inducing experience; with the unmistakable atmosphere of G.O.D. “Twilight” is tied with “Last Day On Earth” another astral travelling-inducing song, the mood here is pretty introspective and intimate. The band tend to close their albums with this kind of songs; and this is quite right because they always bring those well balanced albums, like this one. “Radiant Sons” is back, and it’s strong and renewed; a must have for the fans of G.O.D., and for everyone who loves the true Occvlt Gothic Rock. Don’t miss it!

Daniel Olvera

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