Hello everybody, Oskar Terramortis speaking. This time it's to tell you something about the book. First of all, we are really happy to have reached 115,000 pageviews in record time. We are having more than 3,000 pageviews every week, so thank you for that. Concerning the book and the release date - right now even I don't have any idea about it. It will come out when it has to come out. We are still receving tons of material and brand new requests from underground bands, so that is a positive point in this delay. Meanwhile one band rejects to be part of this project, 5 other bands send us a request. Another thing I like to share with you is the new slot game named "Gothic" that is released in online casinos and can be played for real money. From the name, you can guess its gothic-themed game that has great art and addicting gameplay. And the best part is the music that really completes the experience. If you want to try it, get the welcome casino bonus from that will give you 200% extra free money on your deposit. Thank you for your comprehension, we will keep you informed. Thank you for reading.


Ok my friends here is some news about This Is Gothic Rock - the Book. The deadline for your submissions is June 1st. After that date I won't update any band profiles or accept new submissions, because the layout will be closed. I really appreciate all the bands who sent me all their stuff, as I asked, especially high resolution photos and NO-Wikipedia links.

It's really nice to see that in 15 months we reached 60,000 page views. It's really nice to know that ThisIsGothicRock blog site has become a serious media, also a very important one, I think. I really want to thank all the band members who sent me physical copies of their albums, and also the record labels. When I started this project it was because I wanted to know more about the underground of this 3rd wave. I knew there were a lot of bands but honestly, I'm surprised because there's more than i thought.

In a few weeks I will try to find another collaborator to be part of our STAFF, to make reviewes and interviews. This person has to be 100% fluent in English. So if you're interested, send me an email and tell me why you want to be THAT guy. Info @ Tentatively, the book will be printed in autumn 2013. The first edition will be a limited edition with some great surprise. So stay tuned my friends, and thank you for your support. 

- Oskar Terramortis


I think this is the most important statement related to "This is Gothic Rock":

A few months ago I gave all of the bands that agreed to be involved in "This is Gothic Rock" a deadline of September 30 to submit their material. So far I have only received information from 25% of the bands who said they would be involved and I'm still waiting for responses from the rest of them. This is the primary reason why the publication of "This is Gothic Rock" is slowing down! Unfortunately the same has thing has happened with many of the people that have I invited to be part of this adventure/initiative, and so far only one of them has answered me. My intention was to gather a wide range of views about the transition from the second to the third wave but apparently I am only going to get a few opinions, which is not at all what I would have liked. 

Embarking on this project means a lot to me and I know for many of you who follow "This is Gothic Rock" closely as well. For this and other very important reasons such as not wanting to leave the material in stagnant water, everything that will appear in the book will be posted gradually. It's important to remember that this is not intended to be a research and copy/paste project like Wikipedia, it's an invitation for the bands who agreed to be involved in this project an opportunity to express themselves and their viewpoints from their unique perspective.

As many of you know, my personal situation has changed considerably and I now have very little free time. The little time that I do have I invest in my radio programs and promoting bands. This drives me further to the belief that I should begin to gradually publish the material that I have received so far. Now that I'm a parent and I've changed my country, my priorities have changed radically. The music has been passed to a third plane and I do not have enough time to send thousands of e-mails reminding the bands that I contacted almost a year ago.

I've been criticized by some people who believe that they have absolute knowledge of how it should sound and such....

I have a clear view that only 15% of the bands of today become "goth rock", or else it is Post Punk or new trends like gothic alternative rock which I will not put aside just because three cats say not!!! Many people have expressed some misgivings about this initiative and I fail to understand... I don't give a fuck!

I have enabled an email for all the bands so they can send me their information to be part of this project: [email protected]

Simultaneously I want to thank all the bands and labels who have sent their CDs for promotion and further through Necromanteion Radio Show and This is Gothic Rock.


Creo que este es el comunicado más importante relacionado con This is Gothic Rock: hace unos meses di como fecha límite a las bandas el 30 de septiembre; a día de hoy solo he recibido material del 25% de las bandas que un día me dijeron si y del resto todavía estoy esperando una respuesta. Por este motivo la publicación del libro se está retrasando. Lo mismo ha pasado con muchas personas a las que invité a ser parte de esta aventura/iniciativa: solo una me ha contestado. 

Mi intención era reunir una serie de opiniones acerca de la transición de la segunda a la tercera escuela pero parece ser que solo vais a encontrar unas pocas opiniones, no todas las que me hubiesen gustado. El haberme embarcado en este proyecto significa mucho para mí y sé que para muchos de vosotros que seguís de cerca This is Gothic Rock también. Por este y otros motivos muy importantes y para no dejar el material en aguas estancadas, todo lo que aparecerá en el libro se irá publicando poco a poco, hasta tener el material necesario para pasarlo a papel. He recibido material que no puedo almacenar de forma indiscriminada. Os recuerdo a todos que la iniciativa de este proyecto desde un principio fue que las mismas bandas me mandasen su material. Esto no ha sido un trabajo de investigación ni un repaso a wikipedia, ha sido una invitación.

Como muchos de vosotros sabéis, mi situación personal ha cambiado considerablemente y apenas tengo tiempo libre. El poco que tengo lo invierto en mis programas de radio y la promoción de bandas. Esto impulsa más hacia dentro la idea de ir publicando el material recibido. Ahora soy padre de familia y he cambiado de país y mis prioridades han cambiado radicalmente. La música ha pasado a un tercer plano y no dispongo del tiempo suficiente para mandar miles de correos electrónicos recordando a las bandas que me tienen que mandar lo que hace casi un año les pedí. 

Se me ha estado criticando por parte de algunas personas que creen que tienen el conocimiento absoluto de cómo debe sonar o no una banda. Yo tengo claro que solo el 15% de las bandas de hoy en día hacen "goth rock", lo demás es o Post Punk o las nuevas tendencias alternativas con pinceladas gothic rock a las cuales no voy a dejar de lado solo porque tres gatos digan que no. Muchas personas han manifestado cierto recelo a tal iniciativa y no lo logro comprender. Me la suda.

He habilitado un correo electrónico para que todas las bandas me envíen la información necesaria para formar parte de este proyecto. [email protected]

De igual forma quiero agradecer a todas las bandas y sellos discográficos que han mandado los cds a la redacción para su promoción a través de Necromanteion Radio Show y This is Gothic Rock.

Gracias a todos, que aunque esto me tome 10 meses más, sé que en un futuro tendréis una copia física del libro en vuestras manos.


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