Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bloody Dead And Sexy - Bad Ambient (2013)

Bloody Dead And Sexy
Bad Ambient
Dark Dimensions

Almost ten years ago I discovered the music of this band; I was browsing on the internet and I read some very positive reviews about “Paint It Red”, their first album. I really enjoyed to those razor-sharp guitars, the quite strong rhythmic section, and that theatrical voice with a very distinctive tone. Sometime later, they came back with another pretty strong album called “The Narcotic Room” their music wax and wane in a very graceful way from really energetic tunes, to some delightful moments filled with sensuality and atmosphere. “An Eye On You” is a fine piece of Death Rock from The New Millennium, and now they have this new album called “Bad Ambient”

This album is defined by one term: maturity. Their musical style is consolidated, and this is a very well constructed and balanced album. The opener track is quite electric and catchy; “One By One” is fast rhythm with vertiginous guitars. The Death Rock assault continues with “Never Street”, this is a perfect balance of energy and melody. And then “Baby Moon” creates that sensual mood with enchanting melody and passion, I just loved that acoustic touch in this track; awesome! ”Gloom Within” has deep bass lines and pretty seductive slow-tempo melody, it goes in crescendo and it reaches an outbreak of vertiginous energy; this track is really mind-blowing. “Plastic Night Sky” features the mesmerizing vocal presence of Gitane Demone, this song belongs to the night and the moon light. It has lots of passion and it is a pretty inspired track. “Without” is mid-tempo and melodic, but the rhythm section sounds like machinery. They return to the good guitar-oriented Death Rock with “Torn Velvet Blues” This one have some well placed and electrifying guitar riffs, and they were mixed with some acoustic sound; this song has a very special energy. “Home Is Were My Heart May Rest” is quite introspective and dramatic; gloomy sound here. “Something Real” is a sample of their way to do some really good Death Rock, this song made me think in the “Paint It Red” album. “Bring Out Your Dead” has involving sound and romantic feeling. “End Of the Night” is the second track featuring Gitane Demone, and is quite atmospheric too. “Wasting Time In Berlin” adds more variety to this album and is kind of an experimental, exploring different sounds. And finally “House Of The Common People” closes this album in a really good way.

As I said before, almost ten years ago I met this band thanks to very positive reviews on the internet, and the funny thing is that now I’m writing a review about their new album! And I like this band, I like this record and I have the same enthusiasm for their music like the one that I had almost ten years ago. They have improved their music, and at the same time they are doing what they do better: Some of the finest Death Rock of The New Millennium.

Daniel Olvera

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