Saturday, January 12, 2013

She Past Away - Belirdi Gece (2012 | 2013)

She Past Away
Belirdi Gece
Remoov Records (digital)
Fabrika Records  (vinyl)

Because of being a band really great and talented, She Past Away has gained a very relevant status as one of the biggest revelations in the scene. Their music is a mixture of the finest sounds of Post Punk and Gothic Rock. When listening to their music, you will think about great names like: The Cure, Clan Of Xymox, Sisters Of Mercy, or The Frozen Autumn, with some touch of Minimal Wave and Cold Wave . This can tell you about how high-standar   their music is. They can take you from introspective states, to awesome Dark-danceable tracks with driving rhythms, and the proper dose of shynts is crowning to their Post Punk Gothic sound; executed with majesty. Once you know about them and listen to their records, you will be sure that they are a very important reference in the underground scene of today. They are from Turkey, and the band members are: Volkan Caner - guitar & vocal, Idris Akbulut - bass and Doruk Ozturkcan - electronic drums.
The E.P. “Kasvelti Kutlama” has been included in its entirety, and they have added seven more songs in order to complete this fantastic debut album.Since the first track you will be completely immersed in the experience of She Past Away: The fisrt song, “Belirdi Gece” sounds like if Clan Of  Xymox have created a musical structure like the one of “A Day”, then Craig Addams enter and add to the song the powerful bass lines of the darker days of S.O.M., then Lyndon Scarfe  came with some trade-mark  passages of the Danse Society and the shynts,  Porl Thompson joins to the party with his guitar, add to this mixture a gloomy deep voice with great energy, and finally…..¡The drum machine!

In my case, it was love at the first listening. This is truly a brilliant album, one of the best in the underground scene of this millennium; and it has serious reasons to be considered as a near- future classic. At this moment is available as a digital download, in the next months it will be available in physical format on Fabrika Records (Lebanon Hanover). When it comes out don’t waste your time, grab your copy and enjoy!

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