Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christine Plays Viola – Live at TNT 24-05-13 (2013)

Christine Plays Viola
Live at TNT 24-05-13
Swiss Dark Nights

The Italian Dark Scene is healthy and active, proof of it is this 100% Transalpine bootleg. Recorded at TNT Club in Milan earlier this year by Swiss Dark Nights, it provides another perspective on Post-Punk/Dark Wave phenomenon Christine Plays Viola. Not only very good in terms of mixing, this record is also a clear evidence that the band reaches another level on-stage. The songs have been carefully selected, and the result is an intense experience, where one can get the idea of what is a CPV concert. Noticeable are singer Massimo Ciampani’s dramatic vocals, moving from high-pitched batcave-like inflections to deep low tones, such as on the sharp, epic version of Leocadia. With omnipresent tribal drums and powerful bass-lines, the sound gets more Post-Punk, cold and raw, and even if synths are not neglected, adding gloom and mystery, the overall feeling is more brutal and dirtier than what one could imagine when listening to the studio versions. Songs like “Albatros/Swallowed Cold Insanity” and “Failed to Connect to Heart (Endline)” take on a new dimension when played live. A real treat!

So if you haven’t had the chance to enjoy CPV on-stage, listen to this bootleg, and don’t lose the next opportunity…

Guillaume Renard

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