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Les Fleurs Du Mal - Concrete Ravings (2013)

Les Fleurs Du Mal
Concrete Ravings
Malicious Release | Echozone

Concrete Ravings is one of the most awaited debut albums of the new decade due to, let's say, success of Les Fleurs Du Mal's singles (Idolatry - The Knife in my Back) and acceptance and good response from gothic rock/post punk fans out there. Concrete Ravings is an album which I can say is more than complete but far away from being complex, because Les Fleurs Du Mal music is very digestable from the first listening. As I said before Les Fleurs Du Mal is one of those bands that has the ingredient of gothic rock anthem maker, and without doubt Concrete Ravings will be one of the most outstanding albums of the year and of the decade. It won't take much time before Concrete Ravings will be considered a classic gothic rock album. For me there's two kinds of Les Dleurs Du Mal – the one that makes dancable tracks to burn the dancefloor, like "A Remorseful Day", "Idolatry – In Vain", "Concrete Ravings", the summer 2013 goth hit "Nothing", "Strigoi System" (finally the studio version), "Idolatry – In Pain", "The Storm", "Stink", "The Knife in my Back" , and the one that makes completely sad and gloomy songs with some kind of grey atmosphere, like "Celebrity Gala" and "Substanceless Abuse" which is very dark and sterille . Don't miss the opportunity to get one of the best gothic rock albums I have heard in a long time. Les Fleurs Du Mal is a band that has their own sound and personality. Absolutely a must-have item in your collection. 

Oskar Terramortis


For too many people, this is one of the most awaited releases in the Gothic Rock scene of today. Les Fleurs Du Mal took by assault (literally) to the Gothic Rock scene of the New Millennium; with JUST ONE SONG: “The knife in my back” This song is traditional Gothic Rock with a unique and refreshing approach; and that is what was needed to re-start the fire of the true Gothic Rock in The New Millennium. And we were very happy, because in 2011 we listened to those new carriers of the torch: The Third Wave Of Gothic Rock. Regular listeners of This Is Gothic Rock and Necromanteion (like me), put the spotlight in this band. The song has the feeling of a representative tune of the Goth Rock; indeed we were listening to a new classic. And people began to be very enthusiastic with this new and promising proposal. And I have good news: The full length album is here. And in my opinion, it fills all of the expectations that I had regarding to the first album by Les Fleurs Du Mal. Press play, and after some intro, it accelerates from 0 to100 in one second with “A remorseful day”. And it’s such a great start because it’s Gothic Rock at its finest; with great energy and elegance. The energy is provided by a really strong rhythm section; and the elegance comes with the refined guitar work. The voice is truly unique, and the sound of Les Fleurs Du Mal is unmistakable.”Idolatry-In vain” is the new single; and it has everything to equal to “The knife in my back”. Definitely, this weapon of choice has been quite an asserted selection.

“Concrete Ravings” has an atmospheric start that creates expectation, the level of intensity rises and it develops into a mid-tempo, but quite solid track with substance. This song is finely constructed.”Nothing” is another piece of contagious Gothic Rock: It’s very dynamic with driving rhythm; it surrounds you and makes you move. And here’s nothing about gloominess here: He’s happy as he could be and nothing’s wrong with him! “Strigoi System (uncompromised)”   is a high quality track, pretty well balanced. It’s mid tempo but sounds loud, it has really a really good dose of energy. “Celebrity Gala” is pretty melodic, introspective, and it’s very emotive. “Idolatry - In pain” is like a spin off from “Idolatry - In vain”. Remember when Goth bands from the past use to make the “Reprise” or ”Version” of one of their songs? This is like that; but at the end of the day, this track is really good too. “The Storm” and “Stink” are quite energetic and they maintain the quality standard. And then…here’s the song that started it all: “The knife in my back” This one has to be here for sure; this track is truly representative for the Third Wave of Gothic Rock. ”Substanceless abuse” closes this record; and this song is really dark, dense and introspective. Les Fleurs Du Mal executes the traditional Gothic Rock with real talent and a personality of its own. You will find here a very well defined style and   great songs. Very remarkable album, a must have for Die Hard Gothic Rock Fans.

Daniel Olvera

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