Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Electric Press Kit - Torsions (2011)

Electric Press Kit
Blu-Crush Records
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I can’t believe it!  How did they put all of this awesome energy, and adrenaline, in just a little silver disc? I received this music for review and said: “Let’s check this one” …and my jaw hit the floor, what a surprise! The rhythm section sounds quite BIG: The drum Machine is gigantic; it sounds so powerful, the bass lines are loud and clear filling every possible void, while providing some great dose of melody to the rhythm section. The guitars have high-voltage sound, and the voice is giving here its 100% with intensity. They have done a wonderful combination of Post Punk, and Alternative sound. it’s a fascinating and invigorating hybrid style, and it has the ADN of The Music from The New Millennium. Definitely you have to play this one at the highest volume. Electric Press kit is a new band from France, and they have very exciting music. “This Night” has this rhythm which is like a big mechanic heart-beat, this will shake you up. The guitar work is very remarkable, and the bass lines are dominant. Everything here is well constructed, and the melody is captivating. ”Born In Roswell” really rocks very loud with faster rhythm, and electricity.”Always Aliens” has some dark feel, and it has lots of style and attitude. “Venom” is a delicious rocking tune, a good balance between Post Punk and Alternative sound; really like it.“Tout Ce Quit Destruit” (All That Destroys) is such a fine Post Punk tune a la Electric Press kit, very melodic and entrancing. “Cold In April” has a warm sound, and is more Rock oriented.”Power of Hate” is the most powerful track of this record; adding some dose of Punk fury, and light-speed rhythm to their sound. This one is like Heavy artillery.”Sayonara Baby” has a perfect balance between energetic sound, and melody.”Die” has similar characteristics to the previous one, and some Punk tones in the back ground; is pretty interesting.”Torsions” closes this album, and is very melodic.

As I said before, this is quite a good surprise. If you like of bands like Ulterior and Partly Faithful you have to check this one. At the end of the day their unique sound is hard to describe, but so easy to enjoy. This record is both powerful and refreshing.

Daniel Olvera

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