Saturday, January 4, 2014

Frustration – Uncivilized (2013)

Born Bad Records
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Uncivilized is the second album of Parisian band Frustration, although they have released various EPs and have been active for 10 years. From the first seconds of the opening track “Worries”, Frustration’s latest release sets the mood of what the album will be: metronomic drums, killer guitar riffs, and cold raging vocals, all that backed up by frantic basslines (“We miss you”) and the coolest use of synthesizers (“Believe me or not”). In short: Old-school Post-Punk. The kind of old-school Post-Punk that’s as raw as a piece of steak tartare, the one that make you feel like being woken up by a cold-water bucket. “Assassination” has punk energy, “It’s gonna be the same” brings an hyptonic synth hook. “Dying City” is the soundtrack to an orgy of psychotic robots. All the tracks are extremely danceable, but it is an edgy, lunatic kind of fun, as if the band just escaped from a mental institution, or if you were just about to be admitted yourself. Frustration doesn't give even a short break to the listener, as the tension is playing with your nerves during all the album, until the last notes of the ending track “I can’t forget you”. If you like bands like The Fall, Wire or Public Image Limited (or even Devo…), this is for you.

Guillaume Renard

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