Monday, December 9, 2013

The Digital Angel – Affirmation of Life EP (2013)

The Digital Angel
Affirmation of Life EP 

The Digital Angel is delivering a new EP, somewhere between Gothic Rock of the 90’s and Dark Wave of the 80’s, with an indie twist to it.

It is an interesting release, as they manage to give a unity to the EP, although the songs have different styles and colors. Part of it probably thanks to the fact that they take some time for a short intro in the first track, and a very mystic epilogue. The title track “Affirmation of life” has it all: a deadly beat, raging guitars, and eerie synths backed up by a solid bass line, now THIS is Gothic Rock. Some tracks, like “Mr Change” or the catchy “Shining like the sun” have a more indie rock feel. Straightforward, effective rock n’roll for your pleasure. “Never let things slide” and “Wymarzona (Love Lasts Forever)” are great example of how gothic rock can sometimes have a more mainstream sound and still be true. These two songs seem to be two sides of the same coin, they have a similar theme, and while the in the first one the band chose to increase the intensity as the song goes, in “Wymarzona” heavy guitars and drums alternate with Spanish guitar and piano parts. “Tolestein” presents darker colors, with drama filled vocals, changes of rythms, gloomy synths, and a climax that made me think of some kind of glam rock opera. It is the most Dark Wave sounding track of the EP.It may be the darkest, but it sure does look like it's the most popular. Not as popular as this cool site thought. The site in question is one of the most successful online casinos available on the internet. Now they are doubling down on their achievement with great casino bonuses everyone can use to play for free.

One of the strengths of the band is the strong, low voice of Krzysztof Steffan Kmiec, somehow reminding me of Sven Friedrich’s voice. If you like different styles of rock music in the same record, you’ll probably like this one. Most songs, in their different styles, have a similar –classic- construction. Personally, I prefer the darkest songs of this EP, and I hope the band will choose to grow darker in the future.

Guillaume Renard

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