Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Night Sins - To London Or The Lake (2013)

Night Sins
To London Or The Lake
Avant! Records
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Night Sins is back only a year after the release of their first album, to present their new LP on Avant! Records. “To London or the Lake” is a short album of Dark Wave/Gothic Rock, keeping things simple and straight-to-the-point, and it’s tremendously effective!

No time to lose, the album starts with “Air Dance” and from the beginning you feel the strong eighties’-beginning of nineties’ classic goth rock influences. It’s sharp, catchy, and it’s only the beginning. The title track “To London or the Lake” is a real dancefloor filler, the guitar seems simple and yet it is amazing, the chorus is very catchy, and the synths give the song just what it needs of mystery. Next tack is “Evangeline” and here you will start to feel clearly the influences of B-movies in this album, thought as “a soundtrack to The Lost Boys movie if it came out in 2013”. In this song, synths take the main part, together with the frantic beats, and images of sci-fi movies of the 80’s will come to your mind. Last track on the A-side, is the synthetic interlude “Rain”: Lo-fi sounding synths, just like in the old days, and absolutely delightful.

The B-side is an amazing collection of killer tracks, all dark, noxious, and utterly danceable. In “Bound ‘Round the World”, synths melt with saturated guitars, both flying over a metronomic drum machine beat. “Heaven in the Snow” is the soundtrack of an acid trip to the Carpathian forest, with haunting vocals and a wild beat. “Dear Marquis” has great bass and guitar lines that play subtly with your nerves. Finally comes the amazing “Neon Light Intoxicants”, and although I’ve tried to avoid making comparisons, as Night Sins really does have its own style, to me this song is like a perfect tribute to the Sisters of Mercy.

This LP is more homogenous than the previous one, with clear horror/sci-fi 80’s movies influences. With it, Night Sins is taking you to London, the lake, bleak wastelands, and foggy woods at night, confirming it deserves to be given prominence in the dark music of the New Millenium.

Guillaume Renard

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