Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Electric Press Kit

Country: France
Formed in: 1996
Location: Paris
Members: Emmanuel D. (composer, Guitarist and vocalist) and Jeff J (bass guitar)
Contact: epk[at]

There are not a lot of bands like ELECTRIC PRESS KIT. With a constant line-up since many years, Emmanuel D. (composer, Guitarist and vocalist) and Jeff J (bass guitar), these two musicians inspired by the work of non-common bands like Throbbing Gristle, Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Killing Joke, plays  a very personal music, an explosive cocktail of industrial, post-punk and cold wave ingredients. With abrasive guitars, tortuous basses and dis incarnate vocals, ELECTRIC PRESS KIT is like no other bands. They made their own music and their own universe. After many demos on tape and cdr, ELECTRIC PRESS KIT finally released their first album, "ANALOGIC" on the independent label "LES DISQUES DE LA CRYPTE" in 2006. 10 tracks of sonic torture mixed with a deaf rage with a straight production.The second album called "TORSIONS"; is now available on the independent label "BLU_CRUSH RECORDS"

ELECTRIC PRESS KIT also collaborate with many bands for remixes and split-cd, appear in many independent compilations and tributes.


  • 2003 ELECTRIC PRESS KIT (Black Orchid)
  • 2006 ANALOGIC (Les Disques De La Crypte)
  • 2011 TORSIONS (Blu-crush Records)

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