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Interview with Voe and Scarlet | Angels of Liberty (2013)

Talking about the third wave and the new decade, we can find of course some iconic bands. But apart from bands like the classic Merciful Nuns, we can find other true classics, names such as Angels Of Liberty. Their name was spread like powder between the undergound circles, radio shows and social media. With only two EPs they have become some kind of a phenomenon. Only a couple of months ago their debut album Pinnacle Of The Draco saw the light. Here are some very interesting words from Voe and Scarlet. If you don't know the name Angels Of Liberty yet, you must check them out. Here´s is everything about Angels of Liberty.

Oskar Terramortis

Angels of Liberty has received a very enthusiastic welcome in the underground in a very short period of time, what in your opinion is the reason for that? 

Voe:  I guess we must be doing something right! No seriously I don't know why but I'm Guessing now in hindsight that people dig where we are coming from because they feel the same about stuff? By that I mean that we ourselves look for a very specific flavor that makes Goth really goth and we wanted to make Goth with the right flavors which for us is a very British old school sound with emphasis on rhythm, atmosphere and hooks. Both of us had be waiting for something to happen, for a band that would be unashamedly Goth in the end we decided to do it for ourselves. We did however totally underestimate the numbers of people who still care about Goth who clearly feel the same way about things, that was a total surprise and one of the nicest things thats happened as nothing can really beat the feeling that somehow you have connected with lots of people you've never met, Even more so if you are a total recluse. 

How does it feel to know that AoL has turned from a newbie into a classic in only one year? Only a few bands have experienced this kind of success. 

Voe:  One word 'Amazing'! The response has been tremendous and for us both confirms that we were right in what we felt about the aforementioned. Flavors that we consider to be Goth. For me personally its been like coming full circle, as a young man all I ever wanted to do was be in a Goth band and make music. I experienced Nosferatu during their classic 'Rise' period and knew at the time what they were doing was making amazing classic records. Rise was a classic in the time of its making and I'm thankful to have been around then. To think that now as an older man I'm doing what i wanted to do and that Goths are enjoying our records in a similar way is one hell of a buzz. I believe that there is an element of luck involved though as it was just really the right time for AoL to surface, late but maybe just in time. 

We can hear some sort of Nosferatu background in your music. But I really want to know what are the main influences that inspire you? 

Voe:  Yeah Nosferatu were a very big deal for me. I remember alot of Goth from the 80s but missed out on the live scene as I was a kid. Nosferatu were the first 'proper' Goth band i saw live and i totally loved them. I lived for seeing them live during the classic line up they are real cherished memories. To this day I still collect stuff from that period, fanzines, bootlegs etc. On rainy days I still listen to all their early stuff and look through the old grimoires and stuff i have. I don't really know what it was about them but i just loved what they did it was just so timeless. I think I drove them mad though I was really young a really obsessive fan and always drunk, no composure. As an old man id slap myself and say grow up, i still remember the dry ice would roll on stage and out they'd come like Victorian time travelers with the choirs they were feckin marvelous! After that all I wanted to do was be in a band, live nocturnally and sleep in a coffin hehehe. 

Scarlet:  Apart from the obvious influences sisters, Nosferatu etc We both have a huge range of musical tastes. We both listen to alot of classical music vaughns thomas tallis and bethovens 9th are favorites as is Wagner. Voe has a collection of really obscure freakbeat and psych records too, i love the freedom of expression that acid gave to musicians and producers but im not talking about all the big names like floyd etc. 

Voe:  Yeah its the obscure 45s by forgotten bands like The Wiggs of 1666 who had a brilliant knack for minor chord Gregorian harmonies over beach boys type guitar pop, that I like. I really love The Strawberry Alarm Clock who I actually discovered via Children on Stun who were influenced by them at one point.  Incense and peppermints is an insanely catchy record! Personally I see a link bettween the outsiders of the 50s/60s beatniks and Goth due to their sense of exploration, escapism and going against societal norms. In every time theres always small pockets of creative outsiders which is why i think in some form goth will always be about and young kids will be interested in our history in time to come.

Scarlet:  Our all time fave psych tracks that arnt too obscure would be 'Inna gadda da vida' Iron Butterfly, 'In The Past' Chocolate watch Band & 'waiting  for the Sun' The Doors. 

Voe:  I suppose we should mention that old reptile Bowie. 

One of the things I would like to ask you, is how and when was AoL born?  

Voe:  AoL was born as an accident really. We wrote Monster In Me to see if we could do it and get something with the right flavor. We did it purely for our own enjoyment, we spent a good while making the sounds like the drum machine and guitars which are not exactly easy sounds to engineer from machines. It was the first and only track we had written together as AoL. Scarlet had to convince me to do something with it as I didn't believe there would be any interest in old school Goth. After that seeing how much people enjoyed it we decided to work on an ep which we wrote over 2 months. Thats how AoL started it was really that simple and unplanned, the only reason why the album happened is because we could tell from talking t people they really wanted it. 

This is a question that many people ask me: Who are Voe & Scarlet, where did they come from? I ask this because you are not 20-something old guys, you're old school people (while not necessarily old ;) )

Scarlet:  Old enough to know how good proper Goth was and miss it.

Voe:  Thats the mystery! We arent realy realy very old but old enough and I feel old, always have done! Alot of bands start out making music and expose themselves too early to young. We've been fortunate that the years we've learned our apprentiship have been out of the scene musically therefore we are a surprise. It wasn't intended, again it was mostly accident and good fate, just the way things are. Even though I originally would have loved to be in a Goth band finding other musicians you click with isn't easy. Id been in a few local type Goth bands as a guitarist and songwriter, a ROMO band that supported Hollywood at club skinny during the 95-96 ROMO thing, I later got work producing demos for bands mostly electronic stuff nothing that is of great interest to goths. I used to live near Monmouth so ive done some work at the famous rockfield studio where the cult and the banshees did some of their best stuff with the aid of the great reverbs there which are actually metal plates hanging up in cow sheds with speakers to feed in the sound. Over the years Ive done all sorts of stuff some of it made it onto tv and radio on the most part im glad now i did it under various aliases!  

From your point of view, how do you see this third wave? 

Scarlet:  We see it as a chance to alter the history and character of the genre and fix a few things that were broken. All the bands involved right now are doing an excellent job as theres a going back to roots mentality without totally living in the past. We had all but given up with Goth during the years of crap industrial dance music and ebm. Its not that its musically all bad but its just not Goth however i do think there can be an electronic element for me the flavor and atmosphere was just wrong and had nothing much incomon with what i knew as Goth in the 80s 90s. 

Voe:  Again its all about the atmosphere and flavor being right as well as the danceable nature of the genre. Sure you can dance to ebm but it doesn't have any of the sonic glory that Goth has, there no real relation between the two other than some adopted fashion. Everyone is working hard on their individual effort to keep the scene going and inspire people which is great. For us personally we have our sights on a specific agenda. That is to go back to a time in the 90s when things started to go awry with the adoption of electronica (and a lack of imagination) and start from scratch from there. The 3rd wave as a whole is amazing to see, from the inside too. The scene has always been kept alive by people willing to give something a go. Its really important for the continuation of the scene to inspire others just as we ourselves were inspired by bands and its amazing to be part of that and that its working. 

This is another question that many people asked me, especially because AoL is already a must-play band in my radio show: Why do you label yourself as gothic rock, when it's clear that you don't play any guitars in your music? Is it because you have the gothic rock attitude?. 

Scarlet:  Why? Id say, go listen to it, forget what we've told you about how its made and tell me what it sounds like? Bet the word starts with G?

Voe:  Its Goth rock as a sound and on record and that is all we are concerned about. That is self evident too as Until we started talking about how we do what we do everyone was under the impression they were guitars. It wasn't that we set out to deceive people either, we never considered it an issue because we weren't close minded, guitars were never listed on the credits.  If anything it shows what a good job we did as all original reviews of the first too eps discussed guitars even though there are none present. Goth when I came to it, was also less associated with genres like metal and on the most part it was just abbreviated to Goth and was a welcome break from other more macho forms of gruff rock. In a way it had more incomon with punk glam and 80s synth pop. Younger kids may not realize the some of the wide influences on early Goth range wildly from Garry Glitter to Tubeway Army and no one thought anything of using a drum machine or bringing in synths for strings choirs harpsichords etc. 

Its no easy task to make machines sound like guitars which is why most don't attempt it. The only reason we've been silly enough to do that is due to an injury i have. Im a stubborn bastard and i didn't want that to stop me making the type of music i wanted to make, Thankfully the damage is only to one finger and my wrist but Id probably still try if I had a hook! That would be pretty bad ass playing Goth rock on synths with a hook, villan chic? lol  

I also think any new listener would have a hard time denying that it is Goth, it clearly is and weve done meticulous painstaking work to ensure it is. The issue over is it rock or not due to there not being any guitars is a separate issue and for me is one of nitpicking, you got to be pretty anal retentive to give a shit over whether a signal that is being fed through lots of guitar pedals to get a Goth sound is coming from someone playing a guitar or keys. Who gives a shit? really what concerns me is does it sound any good and is the song ok. I realize there will be purists out there because as a musician ive met alot like that but in my experience they usually sit around getting all anal retentive over stuff and never actually produce anything, which is why they have so much time to waste critisizing those who do produce. 

People like that were probably the first to complain about Goth bands not having real drummers but that for me has become an integral part of what i see as Goth too, Infact with the sisters the stress between man and machine drums makes it what it is. Goth was always concerned with its own self and slightly synthetic/narcissistic even though it does have a huge dark soul and heart but i think if we get into a debate about does it need this instrument or that then all Goth bands may as well try to sound like Crosby stills and Nash. I hold the same position that the ROMO movement had which is that organic instruments don't automatically convey a feeling of authenticity and soul on music but rather that comes from the person itself and is why some early 80s synth pop is so soulful and truly expressive. So my problem isnt with bands who use synths over guitars its just that most of the bands that use synths dont get the formula right so dont feel that goth. As a songwriter i just care about good songs not what instruments they choose.

What I guess im saying is yes I believe it is 100% Goth Capital G and I do believe we have hit the nail on the head regardless of whether we have done it with guitars synths harpsichords or bells because the instruments don't dictate, we are their master and its our intellects and souls which imprint on them. I don't know if its about attitude id say stubbornness and will, we used the tools available to us to do that. I've been playing guitars since i was 17 so ive got that mindset when it comes to writing so im going to naturally want to achieve the same results. In a way being limited in that way has meant there has to be more emphasis on hooks and rhythm which has worked very well and I think given us quite a unique and recognisable sound.

About attitude This is a funny question for me because ive been a Goth so long. When you've been a Goth for two and a half decades there is no attitude. Its who your are, where you've come from and what you've lived and experienced. I don't believe Goth is an attitude as to have an attitude is to take or adopt a stance, there is no need to take a stance unless you are acting. Goth is either your soul or not you either have it in there or you don't, you can tell if its not in people cos most grow out of it, sometimes people need a break too but if its in your soul you keep on coming back. Its rather like the process occultists go through with books and other crutches at some point they stop needing it and just become. Its a realization. Then that is applied through will. Isn't that true of everything realization and will?

Scarlet:  i think in music generally there is too much emphasis on what instruments are being used as opposed to does the music work or fulfill its purpose. I mean as a Goth id have no more respect for ebm if it was played on guitars, it would still be crap.  We did discuss the idea of recruiting a guitarist but we both felt 'why fix it if it aint broke?'. We may do that live but thats a different issue. Some of the tracks on the album come across as very forcefully, huge rhythms etc which we place upfront in the mix as we don't have large power chords. Also Some of the force that comes across I suspect is due to frustration voe feels as I know his natural instinct is to pick up a guitar and do it but the process without takes so much longer. 

Voe:  So your saying im angry as well as stubborn? Jesus wept!

Scarlet:  Jesus weeps at mixdown along with the neighbours! Endless fiddling with drums for days on end.

Voe:  Scarlet is always looking towards the flowery top of the mix so someone has to be practical and keep a firm hand on the fat bottom end! lol. Theres a good reason too, I believe that after a melody and something dramatic to say it has to have a strict bolted down rythym cos well, if you cant feel the beat or dance to it youre fucked. Well anyway Thats how I see it.

Scarlet: Rythym fascist! lol

Voe:  I hope you realise you just ruined my guns and butter speech? We have a Sonny and Cher relationship in the studio. We work, we bicker, we make up, we work get the picture.

Scarlet:  Its all part of the service to satisfy your deep rooted need for sarcasm!

Another thing that many people have been asking me lately, is about your image. Why a band with this kind of success in the underground, with great viral promotion through social media, doesn't have a proper photo session? Why do you want to keep your image so mysterious?

Voe:  I've known a few journalists and the one thing you always find is they are always looking for a story and are never your friend. The same with photographers! Never let them hang around especially if you are thinking of taking a shower. I prefer artists and writers for friends tortured creative bohemian types for conversation and mutual suffering. Ill talk to anyone but if someone talks art, magic, ufo moon bases or arcons im more likely to share my absynthe.  

Weve pretty much done no promotion apart from putting the songs and videos out, the fans did the rest. We consider ourselves as a truly underground band and we wanted to spread by word of mouth like in the good ole days. For that reason weve done interviews where weve been asked but apart from that weve done no paid advertising. The fans and djs have made us what we are which is why they need thanking. I see no point in advertising, id rather people find us themselves when they are ready. Regards imagery and i wouldnt say a lack of it but maybe a covert withdrawn imagery of us personally that was the plan from the start. The first thing any vampire learns is how to withdraw to pull attention and energy to them. I believe thats what bowie meant when he said 'Ziggy sucked up into his mind' withdrawing and glamour (in the magical sence) I believe is one of the first things they teach to entrants to The Order of The Vampire within The Temple Of Set, Its really a basic requirement for any vampire! lol

Originally we were going to wear venetian masks never revealing our identity. We opted to not do that as it may be too gimmicky and detract from the music. We prefered to just be ourselves hense no sophisticated shots, everything is done by ourselves and is a true extension of who we are. We believe that the element of mystery is also essential and we didn't want to be just another over exposed rock n roll band.   Like the best horror films its always better if you never actually see the monster too much it leaves more to the imagination. That was something I wanted to go with as all bands are far too visually available. It is very much our personality both of us to be like that we are both reclusive, private and much the same as our few pics come across

Scarlet:  We are opposite to most bands. we like making music but don't crave the spotlight or notoriety, that so far has been for us an unfortunate by product. Most bands seem to make music with the specific intention to get the spotlight or get notoriety. Rock n roll is full of young groups of men out to get laid, its just a little boring now after 60 years. 

We just like making music and the process of making records. Wed both happily do that in seclusion. In fact recently we've decided to carry on in that respect with more music and being less accessible. The success we've had in the last year made it very hard to concentrate on making music and that is the most important thing for us that we have a life and time to make music. We are very interested in art so both of us are finding ourselves drawn to directing films which will become more of a feature with new material. Again though we both believe sometimes less is more so that when things are revealed they have a more dramatic impact. Apart from a few younger pictures of Voe that slipped through the net almost all photos available were taken at home at night in candle light far from being pretentious its just how we are at home, two peas in a pod happy in the darkness.

The hand-numbered Eps of AoL have become great items for collectors, also they are out of print. Do you think some day you'll re-release this material? 

Voe:  I don't know but i do know well never do an open edition. We never wanted to make mass market stuff. The idea has always been to press a small number for an elite few who really appreciate what we do.  We like to sell just enough to cover the costs of pressing so we can continue to make art. After that we like to move on and see what new ideas we have and make more. None of what we have done was aimed at having success or for the masses. Ill try and explain our attitude. One of the few things id agree with Crowley on is an emphasis on the few over the many and elitism, it was cameradery mixed with friendly rivalry and elitism that made goth a bit special. If you look at old films of goths dancing in the early years you can see that sense of pride visably. Goth went south when people got so used to it that they no longer felt pride. After that goths seemed to be embarased to be goths or they felt the need to give it a new lease of life by making it fun or funny. Far from giving it a new lease of life standards sliped goth became slapstick ruining atmosphere or art. With such an artistic scene if no one takes art seriously then what will you have? Nothing which is why people turned to other things. I/we make art and music for specific types who appreciate it and want to call themselves goths and be proud of that. 

They deserve some kind of payback. Nothing irks me more that when you spend your hard battled money on records for a pompous ass to turn around denying the fans and deriding your cherished culture which put them there on their high horse. The fact is not one of the big bands built or created goth, the fans did, all of us, it was always the audience that made goth what it is. Then there are some that while getting a pay check from us they deride the culture that supports them in the same way tory tossers have lived off the sweat of workers deriding them as peasants. Id like to see a revolution and value for value. For me it was the smaller bands that i felt contributed to my life as a goth, they put the effort in and made it what it was in the 90s children on stun, nosferatu, die laughing etc. So I wanted SSR to reflect that by respecting the culture weve all loved and giving goths something of value for their support.

The easiest way for us to do that is limit stuff and sign it, sometimes weve given stuff away to goths with the bigest hair. Its not altruistic either because it gives me pleasure to be in a position to do that. Id liken it to someone handing you a willy wonka suit saying here you go the factory is all yours for a day have some fun. So I guess the long and short of it I am loath to produce too much in quantity and make sure the deserving get the chocolates.

Scarlet:  I like the way you made your point via a brief history of the gothic industrial revolution and charlie in the chocolate factory! Lol

Voe:  Its time on repeat! Somehow we are playing out a gothic drama version of the luddites smashing all the mechanical weaving looms and we live in fear of the dark satanic mills of EBM while simultaniously having a marxist revolution against our dreadful draconian overlords. lol

Scarlet:  I do sometimes wonder if anyone will know what the fuck you are rambling on about.

Voe:  history repeating?

Scarlet:  Hhhhmmmm.

A few days ago I received your debut album Pinnacle of the Draco, where we can hear new tracks as well as the classics of the band, and the album is out of print. Can you tell me something about the whole process behind Pinnacle of the Draco.

Voe: The actual process of recording an album is bloody tortuous. People wove done it will know everyone else will think were moaning. lol I don't know how others work but we have a system, admitedly not a sane system but a system all the same. It mainly revolves around us exploring extremes of reality, drinking up as much ideas as possible. Ideas not beer, we are far too decrepid to handle hangovers now. When we are writing we spend more time reading than listening to music and forming mental constructs and ideas. I think its pretty standard practice for most embarking on an album that theres a kind of mental yoga that goes with it. The other thing we like to do as well as read is to watch lots of films anything to get you out of normal reality so you are in a space of strangeness. 

We watched 13th Floor, Dark City, and alot of sci fi. On the whole we prefer sci fi to horror as there are more philosophical ideas explored. Personally i like to explore extreme fringe theories and bend my mind around until ive no idea what reality is then i find im deranged enough to get something down. It would be comical to watch for an outsider but its 50% joy and 50 % stress doing it. I do alot of what i call the ground work before we get together writing tons of riffs, grooves and lyrics. Our stuff happens in a rather untidy haphazard  fashion and its a struggle to get down what you have in your head. Thats why i feel so much affinity with Joe Meek who also had a pretty madcap way of working.

The theme of the album was pretty much decided at the start as we both had a clear picture of what we wanted musically and visually. Apart from that alot of black coffee and no sleep. The great thing is that when sleep does arrive sometimes you dream a whole song and you can simply work it out the next day. That happened with Shadows Come From Light and another track that will be on the next EP.

In a few days I'll receive a very limited version of Pinnacle of the Draco. Only 20 copies were made, with some sort of a leather cover, made by the artist  John D'AnterHow did your collaboration with him begin? I will see this edition on ebay with the price tag of 100 pounds or more in the near future, I'm sure. You already have your copy and I would like to have your opinion about it.

Voe:  John D'Anter has done an amazing job on it. Apart from being a really lovely guy hes done loads of stuff and is well known. I became aware of John in the 90s through his association with Children On Stun and the zine lowlife. The copy i have is beautiful made in alligator print leather. I think he knew id be delighted with that! The illustrations and attention to detail is the thing though. We became friends in 2011 when i tracked him down looking for copies of his zine and there was something about him a gut feeling. I just really like where hes coming from, there was an affinity there and few odd synchronicities. In a similar fashion to William Morris John makes art for the sake or beauty and makes these things regardless of the world around him and they have that timeless quality that comes from such a noble Endeavour. I saw John as doing much the same with art that we we trying to achieve with music so it works perfectly. Johns version of Pinnacle needs to be held in the hands and explored with both the tactile and visual senses to be appreciated.

Scarlet:  Could be more! A friend of ours sold their copy of black madonna for £130.

Voe:  I thought our friendship was worth more that 130 quid! Whats the world coming to!

Do you consider yourself as an occult Goth band? 

Scarlet:  We never set out to be anything other than a Goth band and as we see it the occult forms just one of the ingredients in the flavor of a good Goth sound. But its only one flavor among a few. Sometimes bands can be overwhelmed by one flavor and a bit like cooking its never a good thing like adding too much salt. However that said there is going to be alot of occult references in it because of the things we've been involved in over the years. Its probably obvious from various references or scattered lyrics like xeper or vril etc where Voe is coming from. 

Voe:  It´s a large part of my background and my private life but I don't think its desirable to place it in centre focus. Anyone truly pursuing a left handed or antinomian path is best advised other than scattered hints to not write a biography or songs about it and take it to the grave. Im sure the occult will continue to play a part in AoL as it part of our lives, especially mine as a book publisher. How can I better put it? Every task and achievement that is self set with awareness is a tool and marker of your progress on the road to self mastery. As such AoL itself an occult practical means to an end for me to cause the change in the outer world that i desire in order to test my will and it would be counterproductive to make it outwardly what it is inwardly, Or that is at least my viewpoint on it. 

A bit like driving a car that has the words car all on it and writen instructions and diagrams of how the engine functions, you just wouldnt cos all the rubber neckers would stop you getting from a to b. Its nice when bands have some occult flavor but for the most part occult secrets are learned by outwardly living life which is why i only place importance on it as a flavor for entertainments sake. 

Scarlet:  So basicly its a yes, no, maybe, make of it what you will handy type scenario?

Voe:  Well, yes! Handy isnt it?

Scarlet:  Trickedy trickster!

Voe:  Beelzebubs granddaughter!

I read in you facebook that you'll release a new Ep, and probably a book. Can you tell us more about this plan? What is the book about? 

Scarlet:  We have plans for a new ep in the summer which will act as a bridge between our debut and working on our second album. We already have the lead track which is a retro spective on 20 years of goth watching.

Voe:  The book. I have two planned. One which will be about AoL featuring a behind the scenes look at things which I wanted to do for AoL fans to compliment the album and signify the end of the first phase of the band. The second may take a little more time as it will be a more complex affair which may be of interest to some AoL fans but wont necessarily be directly connected with AoL.

Do you have any plans to play live? You had the accident with your motorbike and your debut live gig was canceled due to that. 

We've had massive 'good luck' with AoL but that was a huge bit of bad luck we had since we've had a run of more bad luck. I hate that word bad luck as it implies...., anyway...! We had set our sights on doing WgW and had (probably over-) rehearsed. the idea 
was that it was to be the first live performance of very few. Id gone to see some caves in France on a bit of a mystical jolly, a few weeks before that were (the caves) associated with the rennes le chateau mystery where Mary Magdalene is alleged to have stayed. There were some really strange events around then. Id bought a reptilian texture jacket for the gig and wed recorded the song 'Starsailors before i left. When I came back I had an arm cast on and was pretty bashed up so Scarlet opened the box that had arrived with the jacket for me. The jacket is lovely but inside was a note written on a postcard from the seller. The design had a scene with storm clouds lightening and a man falling off a motorbike!

Scarlet:  If that isn't weird enough in itself I had to point out to Voe that he was 'On the road to Magdalene' 'two wheels spinning, my blood ran cold' etc which were included in the lyrics of Starsailors recorded before he left

Voe:  The Idea behind doing WGW was really about validating AoL as an unashamed Goth Band and coming full circle as we both met in Whitby. After that we hadn't planed on doing longs tours or gigs. I question in this day and age if its necessary. Iv already gigged all over the place in other bands. In one previous band all we did was gig, even twice at englands Glastonbury festival in one of the smaller tents in 2000, im a miserable fucker when it comes to travelling and never enjoyed it so I was a bit tired of that life before we started AoL. For me writing and recording is where its at as it stands for time. New records is also what clubs need so its a good marriage between the band and djs. Im sure we will do something live at some point but what ive realized is that touring is less effective at creating an impact than good songs and videos when you have access to the world on the internet. We both have busy lives outside of AoL so for us at the moment its better to spend time more effectively on writing good songs and maybe shooting some videos which we plan to do next.

I saw you´ll stop to edit bands material under your DIY label Sacret Sin, why?

Voe:  Well The main reason is with the radio shows on C13 & Nightbreed, The label, Aol and maintaining all the social media sites for us myself i just got overstretched. Its true I get annoyed about free downloads especially after it takes 18 months do do an album and any sales pay for the pressing and fund other bands on the label. Really though its about the principle more than anything with free downloads but I dont really care that much now ive decided its not important but concentrating on the physical items for collectors is important. So its actually no longer a problem in fact the situation only helped to provide additional press for New Zero Gods album on ssr. We will however be spending less time on the label and more on AoL so we arnt over stretching ourselves from now on.  

Scarlet:  Talking of pirates Voe has pirate issues! He gets so irritated by people dressed as pirates it that it makes me laugh. When I see one i cant help but chuckle because I know it wont be long before i hear him grumbling under his breath looking like hes sucked on a pickle.

Voe:  Their tacky ness, it degrades us all, It looked great on Adam Ant but jack sparrow clones riles the Goth snob in me. Im sure its a past life thing.

Scarlet:  You need years of therapy!

Voe:  A relationship is cheaper!

ABOUT the Third Wave - Can you tell us what are your favorite albums of the new millennium? 

Voe:  We've been a bit disconnected due to working on our own stuff.

Scarlet:  Head and shoulders above the rest right now are Merciful Nuns they do Goth properly, professionally and without fault. 

Voe:  Fear Incorporated have been on play at ours alot recently I like them alot. What id love is a Snakedance album and I know im not the only one. Theres alot of good bands outside the UK Opened Paradise, Come With Reverse... 

Do you have any favorite artist or band in this new millennium?  

Voe:  In the way that Bowie was my favorite artist of the last millennium? No in this millennium no one comes close to Bowie so i have no favorite artists in this new millennium. 

What do you think about the revival of old school and the new third wave? 

Voe:  Its a good thing and a necessary thing to offset all of the ebm rubbish and bad metal that was peddled as being Goth. Its needed else our culture and traditions would have been gradually eroded until its death. Old school for those who remember it was really, really fucking powerful stuff. Goth was really bloody addictive and you couldn't get your fix easily. It had a pride a mystery and if you were cool it was the coolest thing ever. I think we are seeing a return hopefully we are. Of course there will be the old hasbeens that will say its over because they are tired or they are staking their bands claim to the best era and drawing up the drawbridge to keep the young rebels out of their cherished memories. For the young the rebels and the rest of us with some life in our veins its our turn to do something great with the scene. Fuck the neighsayers! Long live Goth rock! 

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