Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Eden House - Bad Men (OnTheirWayToDoBadThings) Single 2013

The Eden House
Bad Men (OnTheirWayToDoBadThings) Single 2013
Jungle Records

Here is the long-awaited brand new single of this ambitious project called The Eden House. "Bad Men (OnTheirWayToDoBadThings)" will be released on March 11, and it is the new single from their upcoming 2nd full length called Half Life. In this single I’m not sure who is singing but one thing is really clear:  Amandine Ferrari, who sings in the track Survival Instinct, which is a very atmospheric track that can compared with mindtempo songs of Smoke & Mirrors, is back and that’s really great news. The opening track of this single, called Bad Men (single edit) is a very prog rock song, which reminds me of some oldies.  On this track you can hear more than just one singer, creating some kind of angelic layers of voices (The new releases feature seven different female vocalists). Monica Richards is singing on this track. New additions to these studio sessions are really great, for example, the collaboration of the great Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music, and is also very well known for producing the Spanish band Heroes Del Silencio) and Lee Douglas (Anathema among others). The result is better than I expected and there’s no doubt that The Eden House will make a lot of talk this year. The single will only be released as a digital download. 4 years have passed since their debut album Smoke & Mirrors, and 2013 will be the time for a second strike. In support of the new album a new series of gigs is planned, and a video for the new single featuring Monica Richards is shortly to be unveiled. Stay tuned.

Oskar Terramortis

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