Friday, December 7, 2012

Merciful Nuns - Goetia V (2013)

Merciful Nuns
Goetia V
Solar Lodge 

Honor whom honor deserves. 
Artaud & Merciful Nuns come back only 2 months after the previous 4th full length "Goetia IV" was released. What can you say when a band releases 5 full lengths in a very short period of time? I just call that a historic fact. This is one of the facts that make Merciful Nuns the most distinctive band of the new decade. There’s no doubt that Artaud is the most productive musician on this new wave (and also in 90´s) . You have to check out his entire discography. I’m still trying to get some of the old records from the 90’s – it’s a pending matter for this year. And here is Goetia V, that honestly, I can say, is the most atmospheric album that Artaud & Merciful Nuns have created to date. Artaud also said in public a few weeks ago on the Nunhood community something like “Goetia V will cure souls”, it also says on the back of the CD case “For maximum effect play this album at night”, and I absolutely agree, because "Goetia V" is a very intimate album, introspective, dark, reflexive, atmospheric, gloomy… and all these ingredients make Goetia V a masterpiece of gothic rock. Record by record, the spiritual journey of Merciful Nuns is becoming deeper and deeper, and the music fits perfectly with it. This is a downtempo album, but Goetia V contains a “single-like” called The Maelstrom, which is the only upbeat tempo track. The rest of the album is an exciting trip, completely. Another fact is that you can hear in every album that the production is getting better, and Artaud’s voice is more mature on every record. Many people still miss Garden Of Delight era in some way, and I can say to those people “you have to discover Merciful Nuns”, because one thing is true: they are two different bands, but they share the principle composer. Garden Of Delight is the past, Merciful Nuns is the present and the future, and Merciful Nuns has reached the status of a cult band. Don’t miss this album, because it’s a must-have. Honor whom honor deserves.

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