Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Soror Dolorosa - No More Heroes (2013)

Soror Dolorosa
No More Heroes
Northern Silence - Beneath Grey Skies

Here we are my friends, new year and the first review of the year and the first review in english. I had the oportunity to see Soror Dolorosa live in Madrid a few months ago (a great live show, believe me), actually it was my last gig in Spain before moving to Finland, i met the guys personally and we shared some words there. Soror Dolorosa has become one of those iconic bands of the goth undergroud in Europe and defenitely somekind of French heroes without a doubt. Soror Dolorosa is one of those bands that went very quickly from a newbie to a classic; a really important name in the undergroud nowadays. With No More Heroes the band stepped into a new stage. Different songs and structures than the previous works. It's like the band mutates with every album, doing it better and better; like evolution of everything. Definitely the band left their "punk" influences that they show us in  their first EP far away. Compared to their debut album, No More Heroes is more easy to listen. Every single track on this album is full of life. The most powerful tracks are the kind of tracks you can burn on the dance floor, and the gloomy tracks are full of great emotive atmosphere. That makes the album complete. It's really hard to catch only a few tracks and say "I will keep this in my pocket", because all tracks are really brilliant.

We are in front of a more melodic Soror Dolorosa, they have re-invented themselves, and I can tell you, this album will surprise many people, in a good or in a bad way. Andy Julia's singing is better than ever, showing us new faces of his vocal work. The band enters a new universe of textures and melted sounds, that makes this album unique, definitely one of the best albums of this decade, and probably a big candidate to be the best album of 2013. No More Heroes is honey for your ears, a soft warm breeze touching your skin, and definitely this album has to be in your collection – a must-have. Enjoy the new era of Soror Dolorosa. It’s really hard to describe the sound of Soror Dolorosa, not too much cold wave, not too much goth rock – they are just Soror Dolorosa. Looking forward to seeing them live once again.

Love it or hate it – they are back with astonishing album that will make a lot of talk....

Attention collectors! Vinyl edition will be released later this year.

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