Friday, January 4, 2013

Angels of Liberty

Country of origin: UK
Year of creation: 2011
Official site: h
Members: Voe Saint-Clare, Scarlet Powers & Echo Von Hammer
Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography
Angels of Liberty formed in early 2011 and began constructing their songs in a decaying & dusty attic in North East England. The Duo met in Whitby, famous for its Bram Stoker/Dracula connections and Whitby Goth festival. They bonded over a mutual appreciation of Goth Rock and Vampire fiction deciding henceforth to form a band! 

The sound of Angels of Liberty is drawn from influences on the UK Goth Rock scene of the early 90s whilst lyrical inspiration comes from a mixture of personal experience, dark mythologies and passion for alternative viewpoints and conspiracy theory. 

Voe has been involved with electronic music since the late 90s gaining experience working as a synth and drum machine programmer & writing music for TV. He has worked with John David of 60s psych legends Love Sculpture at the famous Rockfield studios, Dave Allen producer of The Sisters of Mercy and programmed drums for Pete Watts of Mott The Hoople as well as doing alot of bands demos and some live synth work. 

Drawing on this experience and mixing two seemingly opposing things (Electronica and Rock) Angels of Liberty fashioned themselves as an electronic synth band with the sound and spirit of underground Pure Traditional Goth Rock. From the start the band wanted to present Goth as they envisage it; With tense drama, atmosphere and theatrical flare whilst never forgetting the importance of catchy hooks. Their style is about creating tight intense grooves within a backdrop of creepy grandeur. 

By April 2011 the band had written their first track "Monster In Me" which was released free on YouTube. Due to their obsession with underground gothzines & tapes of the 90s, 25 cassettes were made and given away free to the first fans. By June the band had written their first EP and with the help of a friend set up their own record label Secret Sin Records to release it. From the beginning the band wanted total artistic control over direction, ideas & integrity and setting up their own label allowed them to do just that while building a relationship with fans of Goth directly via the website and social media. 

After the success of "Monster In Me" Ep, hailed as "A Brilliant debut" and "Ep of the year" by Mick Mercer the band quickly took over full control of the label with a view to recording and releasing more songs and using it as a platform for cool new Goth bands (so far Snakedance, Minnie d'Arc, with more to come). In their own words the band "Are fans of Goth first" so take a big interest in new bands within the genre. 

The next 6 track Ep "The Black Madonna Ep" was released only a few months later in October 2011 proving the band are here to stay becoming a regular play for many Goth Djs and Radio stations. So far the main emphasis has been on getting new records out as the band believe that is the life-blood of the scene. However Angels of Liberty are getting ready to perform live after completing recording and release of their debut album, expected in late spring 2012. Angels of Liberty aim to restore a sense of dark romance by taking the music and theater seriously without being humorless and overall respecting a genre they love.

  • Angels of Liberty Fan Tape Demo 5/2011
  • Monster In Me EP SS-CD-001 6/2011
  • The Black Madonna EP - SS-CD-002 10/2011
  • The Black Mirror 25 limited cassette tape 11/2011
  • Angels of Liberty Double EP Pack 01/2012
  • Pinnacle of the Draco - 2012

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