Monday, February 11, 2013

Lebanon Hanover - Why Just Not Be Solo? (2012)

Lebanon Hanover
Why Just Not Be Solo?
Fabrika Records 

The aesthetics of cold is back. This is the second LP from Lebanon Hanover in less than a year. Maybe the first impression that you will get when listening to this second album, is that they have achieved a continuity (in terms of quality), regarding their previous work. That´s pretty positive, because “The World is getting colder” is truly impressive. But if you listen to this second record carefully; you will discover some remarkable progression and new turns in their sound. The shynts are omnipresent; but this time the record feels more oriented to the basis of bass lines and guitars, maybe more dark and Post Punk Oriented. I feel that they are totally free when creating their music; and they are very talented and have the ability to give their interpretation of different musical styles, in their own unique way and with majesty. Saddest Smile”, introduce us to the experience of this “Why just not be solo?” with soft cadence. Larissa’s voice comes accompanied by the leading bass lines, and by some smooth drum-machine rhythm; the guitar has a flashing sound at the beginning, and reaches a moderated crescendo. 

This track is simply captivating. “A very good life” has great rhythm: Driving bass lines and a drum machine programmed to make you dance. The guitar and bass rhythm has strong Gothic nuances, and the voice is giving the cold touch here.”Albatross” is such a gem, a finely crafted track that has some resemblance to the sound of The Cure’s “Seventeen seconds “album.”I’m a reject “displays synthesized guitars and attitude; the voice is contemplative and surrounding. This is a perfect track for your favorite (and imaginary) radio station, if aired at 2:00 AM. ”Cadaverously quaint” is the track more oriented to the Minimal-Wave sound in this record. It’s really atmospheric; this is the first track in which William sings. The tones of his voice are really deep and strong.”Bring your own wine” has a very special energy. Goth a la Lebanon Hanover?...Quite possible!, what a brilliant track.”Northern Lights” is simply one of their best songs: They reach high Peaks of intensity and emotion, quite touching song.”No one holds hands” is a fusion of intense dark Post Punk and Cold wave, William is again on the voice in this one.”Why not just be normal” will capture your mind; you will be under the spell for 2:36. It’s a perfect balance between the electric and electronic sound.”Somehow we’ll get through this “is a dark and somehow claustrophobic song; Larissa’s voice is like a thread tied to the sanity and hope, while repeating the title of the song over and over. The record ends in such a climatic and passionate way with “Avalanche”.

They did it again: Another impressive record, not a single dull song in this album. Everything here is high quality stuff. They are growing as artists and have consolidated their style, but at the same time; they came with a twist on this second album. This work was produced by Larissa and William and the result is something that you have to experience, something that you have to listen and feel.

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