Saturday, March 23, 2013

McCoy - Pettitt @ Virgin Oil - Helsinki

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This is the first time i make some kind of, let's say, report/opinion about something punctual. Last night was supposed to be my 10th Fields Of The Nephilim gig, but on Thursday morning I fell outside and next morning I went to the doctor, who said I have injured a ligament on my knee, and the doctor said I must rest. I was trying to get a second interview with Carl McCoy, but I never got an answer from the management or the promoter and that is a shame, because after travelling to a few countries following the band, to be ignored completely feels just weird. The point is, I didn't go to the gig, and yesterday happened something really important for every Nephilim die hard fan. Based on rumors that Snake was kicked out of the band, the mystery behind the postponed gig (which caused some dawnrazors to lose money), and last night that rumor grew even more when Ande Tucker posted on facebook that Pettitt (currently playing on The Eden House | NFD) was playing the bass. Me and a few people just couldn't believe it. Now that was a well kept secret. A shame there wasn't any towering to celebrate it.

Thanks to Juoni Salo for the videos :

Meanwhile on the Dawnrazor forum I read comments like this:

Floyd wrote:
Tony Pettitt was on stage in Helsinki on 22/3 because the Snake was on stage in Southampton for the album launch party from BirdPen. So the Snake couldn't make the trip to Helsinki; maybe that's the reason Tony shared the stage?

Kostas wrote:
...Tony just a replacement for our young friend Snake...
I hope Pettitt stays for good, or at least for the Scandinavian tour. We should start a petition for a reunion line up for the gigs at Brixton in December...

Sleipnir73 wrote:
...but Peter Yates already said on facebook that he would be willing to do a reunion thing.

kaosikon wrote:
..the order of tracks is still flawed I think but here you go:

Straight to the Light
One More Nightmare
From the Fire
Love Under Will
The Watchman
Preacher Man
Zoon Part 3

Encore 1:
Last Exit for the Lost

Encore 2:
Vet for the Insane 

The great surprise was of course Tony Pettitt on bass! His blond hair fooled me (plus I had it he & McCoy were not on best terms), on many occasions I thought wow, the guy really sounds like Pettitt and kinda looks like Pettitt, but can it be...   

The performance was rock solid, to me they sounded like a real band and not just a bunch of hired hands. Whatever the truth is... but judging by this show I hope Tony will stay. McCoy was excellent as usual. 

Will Pettitt be back to the band? It definitely was a historic moment, and a lot of people want to see that in Sweden and in Norway. Do you think this will be possible, that Pettitt will play there as well? That's it dear readers. FOREVER REMAIN

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