Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Council of Days

Country: United States
Formed in: January 1, 2010
Location: Huntsville, Alabama
Members: Edward Schreiber


The Council of Days is an American gothic rock project from Huntsville, Alabama. Edward Schreiber, its sole member, formed the project in 2010 from a desire to create something heavy, dynamic and unique; to progress the genre without losing sight of its roots. His influences range from The Sisters and Nephilim to Death In June and the Silent Hill soundtracks; a union of all kinds of dark music from across the decades. His sound places an emphasis on strong percussion, jangly and icy guitars, deep, often prominent bass lines and smooth, baritone vocals. The result is heavy and intoxicating, flirting with the somber and the sensual; the monstrous and the beautiful. Lyrically, Schreiber draws from personal experience, politics, society, religion, history, fiction and the occult.

“Methedrine”, the project's debut single, was released in 2010 and demonstrated an anthemic, guitar-driven sound with its feet firmly planted in second wave goth. “Machinesoul” followed soon after, which explored a bass-heavy, ritualistic sound. However, still struggling to find his musical identity and drained of passion, Edward suffered a severe writer's block and subsequently abandoned the project. During this downtime, he still produced the occasional electronic track and when a long-time friend heard these tracks, he convinced Edward to rescue the project. These were soon released as the “Black Sun Rising” EP, which flirted with down-tempo, industrial and more. Soon after, Edward performed a few covers and re-made two original Council songs, which helped remind him why he started making music in the first place. Subsequently, he set out to create an album. “Dark Night of the Soul” is a conceptual body of work that has been planned for years, but lacked the means and the knowledge to manifest until now. Schreiber is currently working on the record, which is expected this year. The Council's music has since appeared on compilations such as “Gothic Rock Around the World” and has been spun by DJ's Mick Mercer, Kitty Lectro and others.


"Methedrine" - single, digital - April 5, 2010
"Machinesoul" - single, digital - May 12, 2010
"Black Sun Rising" - EP, digital - June 13, 2013

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Double Eyelid - Seven Years (2014)

Double Eyelid 
Seven Years

The New Millennium has come with a fascinating landscape of dark sounds; and you can listen how some visionary artists have managed to create some really unique hybrid forms of dark music. That’s the case of the Canadian project Double Eyelid. They have defined their music style as: Dark, theatrical electro-rock. And If you take a look to their Facebook page; you can see that they mention to bands like: Roxy Music, Bowie, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Sex Gang Children, amongst their influences. After reading to this description and their influences everything fits: they don't stay in a single spot in terms of a musical style, and this gives extra points to Double Eyelid because definitely they are a different band; a unique entity in the underground scene of today, and they have their own charm and their own aesthetics. Let’s do a back-track to their influences: You have the ravishing elegance of Roxy music, the permanent innovation of David Bowie, the seminal Post punk of Joy Division, and old-skull Goth at its best with Bauhaus and Sex Gang Children. As I said before they have this special talent and vision to blend all of this influences, and they have made a very interesting album. And I really like it because this one is really unpredictable. Double Eyelid is in fact, a very interesting revelation….

The opening song is “Black Box” it’s really atmospheric and it has some kind of Noir-Cinema mood; and the vocal performance is dramatic, and it fits really well in the atmosphere of the song. This song has suspense and sensuality; great track here. “Diamond Cutter” has the same captivating mood of the previous song, and the combination of shynths and guitars has a magnificent execution; this track is mid-tempo but really powerful. ”She’s Falling” is another mesmerizing tune with the unique dark thriller-film atmosphere created by Double Eyelid. “John” is a combination of Bowie sound with Dark Cabaret, and they have made a perfectly well-crafted song; and I have to say: Hats off! “Dead Is Better” it’s some ravishing Post Punk-Alternative hybrid: The drum machine has this rhythmic sound like if someone is snapping fingers, and it has those heavy- grinding guitar sounds and the fantastic melodic chorus, it’s terrific! “The Hanging Woman” is a fine example of how they have made this mixture of Dark-Cabaret, Alternative sound, and Post Punk with majesty. “The Quick and the Damned” Rocks really loud, this song is Rock n Roll mixed with Alternative heavy sound and Post Punk… And it’s really wild stuff: Rock on! “Dirty Weather” is totally cinematic, with a delicious combination of music styles. “The Stranger” is such a surprise: It’s the classic song by Daucus Karota; and it was done with a totally different approach, because this is totally 220 Volt Electro-sound. I remember that they have done a cover version of “Spiritual Cramp” too, and it was another unique cover version to a song by Rozz Williams. “He Fell” Is the final track, and it’s kind of an eerie outro.

What a unique album and what a good surprise is this band called Double Eyelid, they are innovative and they have unique vision. The combination of music styles is stunning; they have done something really awesome. “Seven Years” is an album worth to have it; check this out!

Daniel Olvera

Friday, July 25, 2014

Two Witches - Goodevil (2014)

Two Witches
Dark December Records
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Two Witches is the most well-known Gothic Rock band coming out from the underground scene of Finland. This classic band has been active for decades doing great music, music with heart and soul of its own. If there’s some adequate term to describe the music of Two Witches, it is dark Gothic Rock. The music of this band belongs to the night and its creatures. Their song-structures are quite distinctive; the voice of Jirki Witch is totally unmistakable. Everybody who experienced the second wave of Gothic Rock from the 90’s have listened and enjoyed to those classic albums such as: “Vampire Kisses”, “Bites”, or “Faeriemagic” albums which have this irresistible and captivating atmosphere; with unforgettable songs such as the prophecy of doom called “The Omen”, the sinister sound of “Dead Dog’s Howl”, the darker and ominous Gothic sound of “Requiem”, or the mesmerizing sensuality of “Games” and “Irresistible”.

Two Witches have experienced line-up changes, lots of it. But the essence and the magic remain as strong like it was since the very beginning, and I’m really glad to listen to this new studio recording by this renewed, and (quite strong) new version of Two Witches. Future World” is a spoken-word intro; and the sonic-Gothic Rock assault comes with “Inner Circle Outsider” which is totally hot stuff. This song exemplifies the sound of Two Witches to the point: We have these very distinctive, obscure, and entrancing harmonies combined with some abrasive guitar sound, and pounding rhythms. “The Monuments Are Collapsing” keeps on the high bitrate and guitar power. This song has some acoustic passages, and the guitar riffs are very fluent. “Zombie Walk” is another wall-buster. And this is awesome because you have three stunning heavy-weight hits in a raw…And the fourth one is called: “Electric Blue” which is awesome dark Gothic Rock, with razor-sharp guitars and somber chords; this is just mind-blowing. “The Sinner” digs deep down into the Fields (you will know what I mean when you are listening to this song) of traditional Gothic Rock with hats and long black coats, this track is classy stuff. “Mr. Goo Devil” is an eerie spoken-word passage, which takes us straight to the dark-rocking sound spiced with synthetized beats of “Sinister Face”. Darkest Gothic Rock is here again With “Another Face”. This is the unique and captivating sound of Two Witches at its best; I love this track! “The New Black” is simply contagious; you will be hooked by this one. “Spirit Sacrifice” is ominous and predating Gothic Rock, with some heavy guitars and keyboards; fascinating track! “Dream Within A Dream” is a theatrical passage, a monologue emphasized with the proper music arrangement; and it’s the final act for this new full-length called: “GoodEvil”. ¡What a comeback album by Two Witches! “GoodEvil” is about the duality of human nature: Good and Evil, truth and lie, darkness and light. They have done an exciting album with interesting lyrics and concept. I really like sentences like this: “My inside is outside”… 

This powerful intensity is in the DNA of the Finnish underground music; and Two Witches took this energy to the Gothic Rock music; and I have to say that their most noticeable attributes are: Their passion and intensity. And the band has a new incarnation, but the essence remains. “GoodEvil” is a great album.  

Daniel Olvera

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Phase Fatale - Skycraper - EP (2014)

Phase Fatale

I really like the true dark-electronic sound, I like Minimal Wave and The New Millennium have revealed some awesome bands in this music style. Phase Fatale is a new project of Hayden Payne (from the cold wave band Dream Affair). And actually he’s doing something really interesting here, because Phase Fatale is a combination of Minimal Wave, Industrialized beats and sound, retro-futuristic landscapes, and powerful highly-danceable rhythms totally appropriated for the dark-dance floor. Because of its unique mixture of electronic music styles; Phase Fatale is a relevant sound, this project has their own charm.

Skyscraper” will make you think about a great city and its nightlife, this track is totally appropriate for electronic dance clubs. Minimal shynths and noisy-mechanical industrial beats here; this is an excellent opening track and a perfect introduction to the musical vision of Phase Fatale. “Waveguide” continues with the dance-club mood, this song features Minimal Wave chords, and powerful mechanical rhythms. “Untitled” is a stunning combination of Electronic-Dark Post Punk sound mixed with minimalistic shynts, and Industrial-metalized noise: This song has some experimental feel, but is pretty catchy stuff. “Vacuum” is atmospheric and cinematic, a total trip into blackness.

If you really like Minimal Wave Music; definitely you have to check to Phase Fatale, they have an innovative vision, and this amazing combination of Dark-Electronic music styles. Definitely you need more than analog shynts and drum machines to make Minimal Wave music, you need a special talent, and vision; and Hayden Payne has both. This is a four song EP and I’m hooked, definitely I’m looking forward for the future releases of Phase Fatale.   

Daniel Olvera