Friday, November 21, 2014

Three Winters - Chroma (2014)

Three Winters

Last year we published the review of the previous work of Three Winters; “Atrocities” and I gladly received this electro-atmospheric sound of theirs, because it is very interesting and entrancing. Back then I described their sound as: Retro-futuristic, Cinematic Synth-Wave. I have to say that “retro” is because this music made me think about the 80’s, “futuristic” and “cinematic” is because their music could be the perfect score for sci-fi flicks and some Italian horror movies of that era. Three Winters are: Kim Sølve, Anders B., and Lars Fredrik Frøislie; and they are from Oslo, Norway; they have the skills to hook you with these instrumental and well-crafted tunes, and not everybody can do this because a special talent is needed in order to produce melodies outside of the traditional song structures. Their music has atmosphere, and and it can create images in your mind, and at the same time it’s very catchy and dynamic.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lucie Cries - Auctor Terminat Opus (2014)

Lucie Cries
Auctor Terminat Opus

Coldwave specialist label Brouillard Définitif continues its labor of bringing to light wonders from the past. After A Sordid Poppy (review here), Neva and Odessa (review here), this time it’s super cult band Lucie Cries’ turn. The band’s four maxi CDs, originally released between 1990 and 1993 and currently sold up to 80 euros each on Discogs, have been compiled on a double LP, one maxi CD per side. A great work, absolutely necessary and a joy for the fans, who can now buy these songs at an affordable price.

First side of the first LP brings the songs of the maxi Les Saisons du Doute. No better way to start than with the song “Les Amants de Lucie”: psychedelic-like synth intro, a scream, and then Lucie sends her icy guitar riffs like a punch in your face in a fantastic Post-Punk track. La Longue Marche has a great bass hook, it’s down-tempo, a great song to listen to with your eyes closed. Don’t open them quite yet, “Le Manège” has started. That synth hook! And that bass again! There’s something so melancholic about this song, it brings to mind the old “Chanson Française”. Keep your eyes closed a bit more, and let yourself drown by the cold wave of “Timisoara”. Softly played, like behind a fog curtain. Tribal drums as in a slow motion version of The Cure’s “The Hanging Garden” back up frozen synths and a gloomy bass hook going gradually into higher notes. After this beautiful instrumental track, it’s time to put the dream on hold and flip the vinyl over.

Friday, November 7, 2014

White Blacula - The Great All Knowing White Blacula (2014)

White Blacula
The Great All Knowing White Blacula
Ectoplastic Records / Postmusic

As far as I know this is a project featuring members of Double Echo and Zombina And The Skelletones, so we have here a pretty catchy mixture of Post Punk and Horror Punk-Death Rock. Definitely this project has come with a very good combination of sounds; Think about that old song called “Monster Mash”, The Cramps, Screaming Lord Sutch, maybe some Alien Sex Fiend, Dark Psychedelia, Sun Glasses After Dark, and some pinch of The Tiger Lillies; this experience can be pretty dark, crazy, and funny at the same time. In my opinion they have the heart and soul of the first generation of Post Punk-Gothic bands, because they have this dark sound which has been spawned with the unexpected blending of influences, and the result is this entrancing music created by this entity which has their very own and unique charm…

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Psyyke - 1983 / 1985 (2014)

1983 – 1985
Svart Records

Here we have another hidden treasure coming out from the 80’s Finnish underground, a definitive piece of influence for the contemporary Post Punk scene of Finland. In few words (and as i used to say) this is the good and old Finnish raw and dark, Old-School Post Punk. Psyyke managed to blend the darker sound of Post Punk music (think about some Positive Punk, and Batcave 80’s bands; in the vein of Southern Death Cult, Sex Gang Children, UK Decay, Theatre Of Hate, etc.) with the raw and electrifying Finnish Punk sound. This incendiary power lives in the heart and soul of Finnish Post Punk, until today…