Thursday, March 21, 2013

Varjo - Viimeinen Näytös (2010)

Viimeinen Näytös
Stupido Records 

The existence of Varjo was quite uneasy: They had several line-up changes, too many ups and downs in their career, and finally; the tragedy touched to this band twice (The death of one ex-member and close friend called Shampoo Plip-Plop; and finally, the death of co-founder member: Henry Walden). The core and founder members of Varjo were Antii Lautala (now with Silent Scream) and Henry Walden. They began to play and write songs together, and they were using a drum machine at that time. Through the years, the band has too many people involved in their line-up. They released seven E.P.’s and singles, and five full-length records. This is the final release of Varjo, and we can listen that the band was in a very good moment in terms of creativity and maturity. Their sound was really strong and well defined. 

They were doing a hard-edged Gothic Rock combined with dark Post-Punk. The rhythm section sounds loud with strong sonic structures; the voice has lots of emotion and intensity, and the guitar work is pretty detailed and rich in textures. And it gives a great balance to their musical style: This sounds hard, but at the same time it has, atmosphere and melody.”Maalaa” begins with tribal rhythms, the voice sounds loud and clear; while everything goes to a dramatic crescendo. “Joku Sytytti Kynttilän” has a bass riff that introduces to the listener into a more energetic side of the music of Varjo. This song explodes in the chorus, and it will make you move for sure!. “Nyt Mun Silmät Näkee Enemmän” rises the level of intensity even more; it has lots of energy and it is pure adrenaline. It has some chorus that will make you raise your fist.” Soluttautujat” continues with the electrifying sonic assault; this song is more close to the Dark-Punk roots, and it has great riffs and good changes. Another adrenaline rush provided by Varjo. This album is Non-stop and I really like it: “Velka” is another powerful track: It has a catchy bass riff, and the rhythm is pounding and fast (for the Dark-Punk style), the Gothic Rock sound of the guitars flows with the energy of this song. This track is pretty-well balanced.” Kadonneet” is another sample of the great PostPunk-Gothic sound of Varjo: great rhythm, fine guitar work and intensity in the vocals.” Sairaalassa” combines raw energy and some gloomy feel in a very interesting way.”Hissi” is the intro for the dark and atmospheric “Susan” This song blends passages of darkness and strong feeling.”Viimeinen Näytös” , is total  darkness and quite surrounding with its black density.” Olet Ehkä Kuollut” is real dark-ambient…The final stage of this record, and the final stage for Varjo.

This record goes from electrifying energy to gloomy dark ambient; it is very interesting and remarkable. It has vision, intensity, and great Dark Music. If you like the new breed of Dark Punk (or Gothic Punk ) bands; this record is of great interest. If you love the Music of Silent Scream (Helsinki); this one has to be in your collection. And if you are a new comer; welcome to the exciting experience provided by the dark music of Varjo. 

Daniel Olvera

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