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Country: France
Formed in: 2004
Location: Paris
Alain (Bass Guitar)
Denis (Drums)
Joël (Guitars)
Stéphan (Voices, Guitars, Programming)
Contact: sunfrost @


The idea of Sunfrost was in our minds since early 2000s, Joel and Stephan uncovering a common passion for music. Joel had already participated in various groups: Madrid which had its heyday in the late 90s, Clair or Acetate Zero and currently plays drums in Panama. Originally named Sequoia, name already taken on the French stage, Sunfrost begins as quartet in 2004 when Denis (drums) and Julien (bass) swelling the troops, Stephan taking the position of guitarist /vocalist and Joel the guitarist job too.

The influences are many (Fields of the Nephilim, God Machine, Red Sparowes for Stephan, My Bloody Valentine, Yo La Tengo and Bedhead for Joel), Lynch, Cronenberg's film universe but these not necessarily transpire in the compositions.

Pierre joined the Band in 2010 (replacing Julien on bass), providing a dynamic and momentum missing till then and give the Band the strength and the confidence to go in studio recording professionally.

The first album was recorded and mixed in October 2012 in Paris at Studio Poisson Barbu where the Band was well helped by the studio’s owner Leonard Mule.

The mastering was done in December 2012 in Paris at Studio Voltaire by Hubert Marniau.

The pressing of the album was made in a fine digipack, the cover photo taken by the Photographer and Friend of the band Boris Wilensky and all the layout was made by Maria Deligiorgi, a promissing young greek designer who made a fantastic job.

In february, Pierre left the band in a friendly way and was replaced by Alain, a very experienced musician wich fit in very quickly and very easily.


Debut Album “North” out on 4th February 2013 on our own label 5527°C/0°C Records

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