Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Beautiful Dead - To Lunar Canyons (2013)

The Beautiful Dead 
To Lunar Canyons

The Beautiful Dead is back with this fine, dark, and elegant sound; which is very unique and distinctive. They have managed to blend the Dark Wave with the synthesized and sophisticated sound from the 80’s. They have consolidated their proposal and this is a very pleasant experience since the first track. Let me tell you that when I listened to this one; the images of the movies and T.V. series from the 80’s were displayed in my mind, in such a colorful succession, like some parade of 80’s imagery… and don’t forget the neon lights, lots of them!  And indeed, their sound has lots of musical resources, and is very catchy. They have a sonority that lifts you up, some contagious energy that raises your mood in such a big way.  Their previous work “Moonlight And Hollywood” was such a nice surprise, and their progression in this new album is quite admirable. The concept is very well defined; and the songs are very well crafted. The production work is very remarkable because they recreated the 80’s sound perfectly.

Neon Judas is really straight with those synths, keyboards and electronic rhythms, the bass lines are elegant and clear, the guitar is smooth and… you are in the 80’s! If you are very young, well…grab your GTA Vice City, and feel how this sound gives you the experience of that era; combined with the virtual night life, the fashion and the bright neon lights. Now you get the idea, kid! This opening theme is really enjoyable, and then… “Rabbit eye movement” literally bursts. Things go in crescendo, leading you to a tune which is vibrant, full of fluent energy; with chorus that will make you take off and fly away. “Ghost in the garden” is something like the first single (or at least, the first song used to promote this new release) is very catchy and inclined to the finest sound of Dark Wave, it’s another well constructed track.” Festival of light” has some introspective feel, and some like-waltzed melody, with acoustic guitars and electronic sounds; the combination is actually really good. “Road up to the sky” has some clear influence from The Cult, combined with electronic-background sounds and keyboards. Wonderful energy in this one, it will make you move for sure.”To lunar canyons” will invite you to have some time with you, to relax yourself, and enjoy this quiet and sophisticated song. It reflects their passion for making music.”Drowning in sand” is very rhythmical, and comes with leading acoustic sound. It’s another relaxing and pretty friendly song. “Incognito” is like a melodic explosion; it’s a very moving song and the guitar sound has lots of versatility. “Down below” is quite relaxing, and it has interesting transitions from the beginning to the end; what an interesting conclusion for this record.

Definitely; they have the talent and the sensibility, to bring the spirit of those beloved 80’s to the New Millennium. Is quite simple: If you love 80’s, you will love this record for sure. This is high quality stuff made with passion. It’s amazing how they make you live that decade through their music…..Maybe you can find in their garage some silver Delorean; which is specially – customized. 

Daniel Olvera

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