Sunday, March 24, 2013


Country: Italian - Switzerland
Formed in: Officially semptember 2011
Location: on the edge between Switzerland and Italy
Ladyghost (voice)
William (bass)
Valerio (guitars, add synth, lyrics)
Klark (drums)
Shino played bass in "Birth" Ep and "Grimorium"
Contact: yabanciband @

Yabanci (in turkish stands for foreigners, or "coming from outside") is an Alternative Rock band born in Sept 2011. In eight months write and arrange a core of 15 songs playing across Italy and Switzerland. In June 2012 SwissDarkNights Label prints a limited edition live bootleg recorded in April. "Birth" debut EP (200 copies - SDN Label) has been released in Feb, "Grimorium" debut full-lenght (1000 copies - SDN Label) has been announced before summer '13. Through the voice of Prophet Maiden, Yabanci songs speak about natural philosophy, alchemy, religion, fading issues human kind is leaving behind.

Birth EP (SwissDarkNights 2013) - Read review here
Grimorium  (SwissDarkNights 2013)

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