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The Eden House

Country of origin: UK
Year of creation: 2007
Official site:
Official contact mail: [email protected]
Stephen Carey ( Adoration / This Burning Effigy )
Tony Pettitt ( NFD / Fields of the Nephilim )
Andy Jackson (Pink Floyd/David Gilmour engineer)
Bob Loveday (Violinist for Bob Geldof / Van Morrison)
Simon Rippin (NFD/Nefilim)
Valenteen (Valenteen)
Queenie Moy

Julianne Regan (All about Eve)
Amandine Ferrari (Banished)
Monica Richards ( Faith & the Muse )
Evi Vine (Evi Vine)
Tallulah Rendall
Peter Yates (Dukes of Hazardous Waste)
Paul Wright (Last Rites / Fields of the Nephilim)
Nod Wright (Last Rites/Fields of the Nephilim)
Stevyn Grey (Christian Death / Mephisto Walz )
Candia ( Inkubbus Sukkubbus )
Dave Blomberg ( New Model Army )
Yig Hughes ( Altered States )
Peter Gorritz ( The Last Dance )

Official Biography
In The Eden House, there is no one singer. Just one intention; to create a coalition of beauty in music, 
vocals, talent and soul. 

The Eden House is a new collaborative project led by Stephen Carey (Adoration) and Tony Pettitt (founding member of Fields of the Nephilim) and Andy Jackson (Pink Floyd/Gilmour engineer). Vocalists who have graced The Eden House include Julianne Regan (All About Eve), Evi Vine, Amandine Ferrari and Monica Richards (Faith and the Muse, Conflict). Contributions also come from violinist Bob Loveday (Penguin Café Orchestra, Van Morrison, Bob Geldof’); guitar contributions from (former Fields of The Nephilim stars) Peter Yates, Nod Wright and Paul Wright; along with drummers Simon Rippin (Nefilim, NFD) and Bob Irwin (Van Morrison, Johnny Cash). Mixed by the legendary, twice Grammy Award nominated, Andy Jackson (Pink Floyd, Boomtown Rats, David Gilmour) at Pink Floyd's Astoria Studio. Drawing in friends, fellow music fans and musicians whom paths, circles and influences have crossed over the last two decades, completed the vision of The Eden House and has created a beautiful sound and experience, bursting with energy, creativity and passion.

Smoke & Mirrors has been mastered by Grammy nominated. Andy has since joined The Eden House permanently on guitar.

The newest talented vocalist to grace their live performances is Valenteen, who will also be involved in the writing of new material with The Eden House for their forthcoming album. 

The DVD/CD "The Looking Glass" was released earlier this year. It features the full set recorded live in the Gold Top Studio in Chalk Farm, and a selection of the band's favourite songs covered on the bonus Audio CD. The Eden House were fortunate enough to be given the use of David Gilmour's houseboat studio, the Astoria, where The Looking Glass was mixed by Andy Jackson. 


Press Note

The long-awaited full new album from this gothic-prog rock band.
Features an array of guests, including vocalists Lee Douglas (Anathema) and Monica Richards (Faith & the Muse), guitarists Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music) and Simon Hinkler (The Mission).

The London-based gothic/prog rock/trip-hop band The Eden House release a new single and album on CD, 180g vinyl LP and download, four years after their acclaimed debut album ‘Smoke & Mirrors’. 

The Eden House is a collaborative project based around the nucleus of Stephen Carey, ex-Adoration, and Tony Pettitt, the Fields of the Nephilim founder bassist who last month rejoined the band on stage in Finland.  The pair have attracted an eclectic selection of guest artists on their recordings, each adding their diverse talents to the music. 

‘Half Life’ utilises six female lead vocalists, including Lee Douglas (from Anathema), Jordan Reyne, Laura Bennett and Monica Richards (of US band Faith & The Muse).  Guesting musicians include guitarists Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music) and Simon Hinkler (The Mission) along with top violinist Bob Loveday. 

Over the past four years the band have gigged widely across the UK and Europe, including headlining festivals in Germany, Belgium, Poland and the UK.  Two maxi-EPs were issued in the interim: ‘The Looking Glass’ paired with a DVD live studio performance, and the ‘Timeflows’ mini-album in 2012.  

A London album live launch event is scheduled for June 9th at the Kings Cross Lexington and they headline the Sacrosanct Festival in Berkshire on 28th September.  A new series of gigs is planned for the autumn.

A video for the recent single ‘Bad Men’ featuring Monica Richards has been unveiled: and a 14-minute album preview is posted here:

1. Bad Men, 2. Indifference, 3. Wasted On Me, 4. Hunger, 5. The Empty Space, 6. Butterfies, 7. The Tempest, 8. City of Goodbyes, 9. First Light.   Duration: 50:45

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