Monday, April 8, 2013

Lebanon Hanover - Gallowdance - 7" Single (2013)

Lebanon Hanover
Gallowdance | 7" Single
Aufnahme + Wiedergabe 

This very talented duo continues creating their captivating Post Punk music in their own unique style, taking inspiration in the darkest 80’s sounds. This time they are working again with Aufnahme + Wiedergabe; the avant garde record label which released their first stuff: the split tape with label mates La Fete Triste. This new 7” called “Gallowdance” has a simplistic appearance, but it is deeper than it seems: Here we have two colors, two songs, two voices…It’s a duality of darkness and light, both cold and warm feeling…”Gallowdance” begins with deep and captivating bass lines, The drum machine and the touch of synths takes us to the very early 80’s, the guitar comes with subtle tones, and Larissa’s voice is not cold and contemplative; in opposition to previous releases, it listens with a melancholic feel permeating the whole song in a very touching manner: “Tanz mit mir den Galgentanzsolange wir noch können”. The lyrics were sung in both English and German languages. This is an aesthetic of beautiful sadness.”Midnight creature” is quite dark and gloomy and it belongs to the night: “Like a midnight creature without a home, a raven without wings” The drum machine has a minimalistic rhythm, the bass delivers some strong and dark melody. The voice listens like if it is coming from an old wardrobe of an abandoned house; at the more uncomfortable hour of the night. The captivating and black atmosphere is completed with sublime guitar chords and a wonderfully   eerie keyboard sound. As a curious fact, both songs mark the same time: 3:52. This is a very enjoyable release to listen, while waiting for the next album.

Daniel Olvera

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