Monday, April 8, 2013

Les Fleurs Du Mal - Idolatry - Single (2013)

Les Fleurs Du Mal
Idolatry - Single
Malicious Release / Echozone

Les Fleurs Du Mal was a nominee in our top records of 2012 with the best single of the year, Knife In My Back, and they caught the attention of many people with this single. Les Fleurs Du Mal has this ingredient called catchy gothic rock anthem maker, that only a few bands have. On March 22 Les Fleurs Du Mal released their second digital single called Idolatry from their upcoming debut album called Concrete Ravings. It contains 2 new tracks - Idolatry: In Vain and Idolatry: In Pain plus remixes of both tracks: In Vain (Stargazer remix) which is some sort of an electro version that is  very out of the inner core of the band. The other remix is In Pain version made by Dr Artur Krause, who makes a really excellent remix, that is very enjoyable if you're a fan of Dr AK. These 2 tracks are very similar, powerful guitar riffing tracks that are good appetizers for the long-awaited debut album. Les Fleurs Du Mal is a very underground name, but with a good response from the people who are really into this kind of music. Concrete Ravings will be out on May 4th. Unfortunately this single is once again digital, but I highly recommend it. I hope the band can release their singles in physical form one day.

Oskar Terramortis

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