Friday, April 19, 2013

Sunfrost - North (2013)


This is the impressing album debut of this really talented band from France; and it’s quite a revelation. Their music is complex to describe, but it will seduce you easily. Sunfrost is creating a very atmospheric sound. They have drawn a fascinating landscape using elements of Alternative Rock, the finest Post Punk, Gothic Rock, Dark Wave and Post Rock. Quite a large definition, but believe me, you will be delighted by their music at the first listening. Their sound is quite rich in sounds and influences; it’s totally organic and powerfully expressive. It’s really interesting that they mentioned to film makers like Cronnenberg and Lynch as influences. Indeed, they appeal to the feelings and mood of the listener; going from introspection, dreamlike instrumental passages, and rhythmic songs that are really catchy and dynamic. This one is for your listening pleasure and it’s quite a trip. So get yourself immersed in this experience called “North” by Sunfrost….

The first track is “Invictus” is a progression from a surrounding and hypnotic instrumental tune, to a colorful and rich display of rhythm and organic sound. The vocals are introduced at the final quarter of the song, and they just have managed to capture you with their musicianship. “Shred master” is a beautiful and relaxing song, made with passion. It takes you to a haven, in which everything is quiet and peaceful with some emotive crescendo at the end. “Lies” raises the level of intensity with a faster rhythm, and is quite melodic and contagious. This is so fine. “Drinking” is mid-tempo, and very well constructed with driving harmony. “Into the line” is very involving; I like how they fill your head with rhythm and melody. “Dreamers” is another very relaxing tune. It’s slow but captivating. “Layback” takes the rhythm to the top with such a great vitality; it has a wonderful energy. “Frozen Vein” is a perfect definition of the sound of Sunfrost; this song has everything that we have heard from them: Captivating atmospheric passages and the energy rises with some rhythm that will induce you into a trance. “The lift” will make you think in the instrumental and passionate passages of the album “Disintegration” by The Cure.

This is a very remarkable debut album; because it feels like the master work of some experienced band. This is beyond musical definitions; this is simply great music with the highest quality. Definitely, it has great level and it’s very unique. “North” is really pleasant experience.  

Daniel Olvera

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