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Country: England
Formed in: 2009
Location: Stevenage, Herfordshire.
John 'Capachino' Carter - Vox & Lead Bass.
Shaun 'Ripper' D - Guitars.
Alex Martin - Drums
Label: Themes For Ancients
Contact: @

XII : Drama, Fear & Loathing, Romanticism & Sorrow, These are all central to XII's creative cell and have taken some time to fully represent in a balanced, honest way. Having had the huge honour & privilege of creating and performing alongside legendary gothic luminaries of our time, in particular Carl McCoy in Fields of the Nephilim, John 'Capachino' Carter together with Shaun & Alex who combine to form XII feel it important to aim for the highest standards as set before. Much is known of the past individual musical endeavours and whilst they are celebrated & revered in equal measure, XII are solely focused on moving forward. XII music is very broad 'church' from the subtlest whisper to the aural rage that is 'More'. 
'Putting Flesh to The Bones Of Goth'..

"Virtue", May 2013

"Virtue", May 2013

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