Wednesday, February 6, 2013

VV.AA - Swiss Dark Nights - Compilation (2012 | 2013)

Swiss Dark Nights 
28.01.12 - 28.01.13
Free  download

Swiss Dark Nights is a label and booking agency for underground bands, this is their first anniversary; and they have made this very interesting live-compilation album. I really like this one because is so underground and honest, and brings me memories of such compilations from the 90’s like: “La’pelle de la Muse”….nostalgia. Well, let’s get back to the new millennium: The recording is all right, with good sound; and the live performances of each band are really fine. They are so good playing live and I like that.

Der Himmel Uber Berlin opens this record with the really dark and fascinating, “Eaten Up”. The bass line is predominant, the guitar sound is Christian Death-influenced, the drums provide the adequate rhythm, and the voice is deep and ritualistic, great atmosphere here.   Next one is the Stompcrash ; with the beautiful Post-Punk track: “Leaves begin to fall”, from their album “Directions”. Vidi Aquam takes us back to the depths of the darkness with the surrounding and powerful sound of “Shadow Man”. The rhythm is slow, but the song has lots of attitude. It’s time for gloomy electronics with the impressive sound of Two Moons with:”Lost” .This is between the fields of the darkest Post-Punk and Minimal Wave. I really enjoyed this one. ”Lady Anne” by Marlat; is Gothic Rock and they have their own style, interesting band. For Die-Hard Gothic Rockers, here is Yabanci with “The Covenant” .Great guitar sound, heavily influenced by The Nephs, the voice makes the difference and gives some touch of their own, very solid Gothic Rock track. Mario Marioni’s “Disturbo Depressivo” is like some crossover between the sound of Madre del Vizio and 80’s Italian Post-Punk. The final track is Gothic Punk at its best, with the electrifying Horror Vacui.”Yersina” is such a powerful track, and the live performance of the band is flawless (like all of the bands included in this release), such a great way to close this compilation.

Compilation albums are really great: You can know about new bands, and they have a good selection of tracks. This one has a plus; because it was made with unreleased live versions. You will find here too many additions to your musical interest, and it has such a good level of production. Don’t hesitate and support this release…and here’s your favorite part: ¡It’s free stuff! 

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