Friday, February 8, 2013

Rot on the March

Country: Russia
Formed in: 2011 (dec, 14)
Location: Voronezh
Members: Alex March - guitars, vocals, programming, songwriting
Contact: rotonthemarch @


Rot on the March came after the departure of Alex from Five Times Defeat in December 2011. Album recording was launched in January 2012. Content of the forthcoming album is the Alex' songs, which were performed by Five Times Defeat in concerts from 2008 to 2011. All instrumental parts, lead vocals and programming on album by Alex March. Perhaps in the future the band will consist of more than one musician.

"Era of the Penultimate Steps" is the debut work of Russian project named ROT ON THE MARCH. This album was created more than a year: the process was interrupted several times at different stages. However, the album took place as it was conceived: gothic rock with an absolute dominance of guitars, all kinds of modulation, machine rhythms, canonical genre singing and occasional patches of synthesizers. The ghosts of Rosetta Stone, Morbid Poetry and Fields of the Nephilim appear here and there from time to time, but there are only ghosts... The album isn't conceptual, but lyrical themes is difficult to name variety: songs imbued with a single message which is covered in a barely different forms. "Era of the Penultimate Steps" is gothic rock. Pathetic. Dark . Honest.


- "Era of the Penultimate Steps" (2012, Shadowplay Release, CD, jewel, Catalogue №: SPR142)

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