Saturday, January 26, 2013

Déesse - ▼ EP (2013)

▼ EP

Désse is a band from Zurich, Switzerland and they bring us a very attractive Dark wave style, combining the best from  80’s and 90’s and a fresh sound of this new millennium. Their music is dark, fine and elegant like black velvet; and this release has a very good balance of moods and rhythm. They have quality and this mini-album is quite interesting and  promising. Af Music is distributing the vinyl version of this self titled debut, and this is a good sign because they have  great stuff in their catalogue. “The Mannual” is such a solid Dark Wave piece executed with passion, and a very melodic chorus in which you can see some  heritage from The Smiths. This one has really good changes of rhythm and the producer really did a great work. “Changeless” is brilliant and more energetic. This one is more guitar-driven, catchy, melodic and really dynamic. “Lost” is melancholic and gloomy with atmospheric passages

I have to mention the remarkable work in the guitar department, going from sadness to some outbreak of unleashed passion at the end of the song. ”Closer” is another impressive Darkwave-Gothic track, finely produced and the band is giving their 100% in this song. And ... .¡Yes! , the following track is a cover version of Cutting Crew’s “I just died in your arms”, the song is such a winner and the band has both talent and quality. Nothing wrong can happen here, and the result is really good. “Cormorant”, adds the synthesizer sounds to the style of the band in a very good way. Fantastic rhythm here!, with some proper re-mix, this could be a kick-ass dance floor track. If you are into the sound of The Rope, Salvation AMP, etc; you have to check this release. Désse will give you a really  good impression. This first effort is Good quality stuff; add this name to the list good surprises in this 2013.

Daniel Olvera

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