Monday, January 21, 2013


Country: France
Formed in: 2007
Location: Paris
Members: Singer : Sebastien Crepinior , Piano : Jose Crepinior , Bass and Electric Guitar : Flora Fischer
Contact: [email protected]    
Since the release of "Wave Factory" by Believe in 2009, enrolled Thesaintcyr his music in the wake of the Factory and The Cure. Vintage guitar effects, voice dark, dark melodies, a minimum rate, that is the hallmark of the first EP which is part of an aesthetic close to Bauhaus. Originally the group: two childhood friends fans of post-punk, Yann Bellot and Sebastian Crépinior. Thanks to Myspace, they spread their sound cold wave and visual chiaroscuro. Thesaintcyr is well known on the web quickly and will build an international network of fans in gothic settings. In Finland, "Solely," the title of their most dark EP climbed to fifth place in the download platform

In 2010, Flora Fischer joined as bassist and participated in the recording of the original recovery "Shallow than the hallow" Cocteau Twins contained in the compilation "From the other side of the mirror." This album is the sum of contributions from artists of the new gothic scene honoring groups post-punk and new wave 80s. The Melody Maker journalist Mike Mercer was considered one of the best LP of 2010. The same year Bellot continues its collaboration.

Sébastien Crépinior and Flora Fischer, multi-instrumentalist artist, continue the adventure. Together, they provide the basis for new titles such as Soft Riot, tango composed at the keyboard, The dream is sad, Lost with African influences. The first LP "I'm waiting for the black day" emerges. In 2011, the keyboardist José Crépinior joined them on stage to play "Cinderella" on the occasion of an anniversary concert hall in Paris ,the Batofar, and then became a permanent member of Thesaintcyr. The trio connects new compositions paint a bleak picture of our time, such as "no tears", "One black day." The recording of their album in the studio instead of Poisson Barbu. Léonard Mule is heavily involved in the production and uses Jessy Rakotomanga to perform drum rhythms.

Members retain their identity cold, in the footsteps of Velvet, and propose new Gothic pieces in the same vein as The Cure while exceeding their influences. Their album is as the mirror of our times: crisis, decadence of Western culture, burnout. It is stained a dark romanticism and melancholy close to the frenchy Marquis de Sade. The singer's voice "cold", powerful, heartbreaking, is animated by a post-punk energy. Erwan Fagès, the designer of the Breton BD "Black Mary", they created an artwork: three figures, three roses and a skull suggestive Vanity.

To further disseminate their music relies on Thesaintcyr videos, relayed by social networks. Over 20,000 fans from around the world are already on their news on their Facebook page. The clip «One black day" consisting of excerpts from Murnau's Nosferatu, embodies a vision of the end times.

From 1 March concert at the Nouveau Casino is the opportunity to discover their crazy energy on stage. They will play songs from their debut album "I'm waiting for the black day" and other unreleased. They nvited Vuduvox, ex-Buzz to share their stage to make their event evening cold wave. Here is a new version of their song "Cinderella" recorded sound. 



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