Monday, June 10, 2013

Voices of Masada

Country: UK
Formed in: 2003
Location: London
Members: Raymon Shah, Tom Stevenson, Sam Morrison
Contact: info(at)

2002: Voices of Masada (VoM) is formed by Raymon Shah, Rob Leydon, Danny Tartaglia and Eddie Martin.

2003: A 3-track EP, entitled ‘Prelude’ is released  and the band start playing live. The year is concluded with their first overseas show, in Prato, Italy that December.

2004: The band record their debut album, ‘Four Corners’, released in Oct and distributed by Strobelight and Resurrection records. VoM also perform at the Gotham and Carnival of Souls festivals in addition to many other places all over the UK - including the world-famous Slimelight and Gossips.

2005: is devoted to promoting ‘Four Corners’, with positive reviews and articles appearing throughout Europe (Meltdown in the UK, Zillo, Orkus and Sonic Seducer in Germany, Ascension Magazine in Italy among many others). Eddie’s leaves the band, and VoM continue to line-up a series of top level gigs both in the UK and abroad, including the UK international gothic weekend Beyond the Veil III, Italy once again, and  the Austrian gothic festival Judgement Day, at the end of April 2005. In September, VoM’s ‘Bringing Civilization to the Barbarians Tour’ of North America takes place, consisting of 6 gigs in the USA and Canada and The year is complete when VoM return to London for their first live recording for RedemptionTV, at the Camden Underworld.

2006: Live performances continue whilst the band work on material for their second album. Most notable of which is their appearance at the world famous Wave-Gotik Treffen in Leipzig in June - and shortly after they are signed to the well-established German label Strobelight Records. The band then spend the rest of the summer in the recording studio working on their new album, ‘Another Day’, which is released in October. The band tours extensively in support of the release, including headlining the Batfink Before Christmas festival, and performing in Turin, Florence and Northern Ireland.

2007: sees the band continue supporting their new album, reaching new countries with their particular brand of gothic rock, with appearances in Norway, France (Festival De L’Erebe), Austria (Judgement Day 10), Lithuania (CreeperFest) along with numerous appearances all over the UK including the Gotham and Carnival of Souls, Dark City and the Whitby Gothic Weekend in October before a return to Italy, and then closing out the year supporting the excellent Elusive at Slimelight.

2008: was a continuation of 2007 with performances in Spain and a return to Norway for the Lumous Festival, and despite Danny leaving the band in July, Voices of Masada announce their 'Different Faces' tour of Australia with guest bassist Sam Morrison at shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide - before returning to Austria to headline the Blackout Festival and on to The Netherlands at the Rebellenclub before returning to London to perform once more at Slimelight to see the year out.

2009 - 2010: saw the band slowing down, performing only a few times – but this allowed Sam to become a more regular member of the band and saw them supporting the mighty Cruxshadows at the Islington Academy and then again in the following summer – headling at Slimelight, then on to Wave-Gotik Treffen once more before taking a well deserved rest to allow the band to regroup and plan a new way forward...

2013: Tom Stevenson joins and the band start working on a new album... more to follow!

2003 - Prelude (EP)
2004 - Four Corners
2006 - Another Day

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