Sunday, June 9, 2013

Horror Vacui

Country: Italy
Formed in: 2010
Location: Bologna
The Sheriff + vocals
Andrew + Guitar
Mrs. Vacui + Guitar
Pandora + Bass
Henry + Drums

We were born as Balckfriars Bridge in 2010 then we turned  into Horror Vacui after the first gig, even if we love both names, for different reasons linked to their meanings. Many bands already picked up this name but it has a special meaning for us so we decided to keep it anyway. We started this band as we all are into goth, post punk and new wave beside the genres of music we usually play (crust, d-beat, metal, punk in general). We wanted to try to play it and not only listen to it. We are experiencing to play and learn new instruments as well as taking huge inspiration from this band which is at its really beginning. We released "Black Rivers" demo cd in 2011 and "Can you still see reality?" 7" out now. In the fall of 2012 we released our 1st LP called "In darkness you will feel alright". We self released a tape including the LP and the 7". In these last months Pandora joined us on bass. We will be touring France, Spain and Basque country this winter 2012.

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