Monday, June 17, 2013

Vidi Aquam - Fog Vision (2013)

Vidi Aquam
Fog Vision
Rosa Selvaggia

Vidi Aquam is here with their 10th release, and they have renewed energies in this one. This band from Italy has been active since 1994. They have an interesting career, and they have been included in lots of compilations, and some books as well. This time they are giving some Post Punk-Gothic Rock, combining the school of 80’s and 90’s sound with some Death Rock traces. This album has tradition, dynamism, and different moods and sounds. And Vidi Aquam has some really interesting lyrics too: This is taken from the release note of this album: “The band in some lyrics is still criticising some negative effects being present in today's society, from the destruction of the forests to the diffusion of sterile and mean ways of living, but there are also homages to World War II Italian Partisan's Resistance, to the Divas of the Silent Movies era, to the Scapigliatura, to the oniric world and to introspection” In my opinion, they have found the adequate way to translate these ideas in musical atmospheres.

After a theatrical intro wit carnival music, “The puppets show” really ignite things here. It is such a fine Gothic Rock track with power; the guitars are really driving here, and the bass lines are creating a sensation of continuous movement, and it is non-stop through all of the transitions in this electric track. “Forest shout” is a straight second blow; with vertiginous rhythm and intensity. It has some feeling of the Death Rock from the New Millennium. “Fog Vision” will make you move with its rhythm: The percussions have great cadence, and the melody in the bass lines is irresistible and is greatly executed. The keyboards are rounding here to the dazzling- hypnotic effect. Gothic Rock with 80’s sound reminiscences is well displayed in: “She says, she does not say”, it is a pretty good guitar driven track. ”Agosto ’44” has organ sound, and a growing tension which is maintained from the beginning to the end. It has some chorus which sounds like religious chants; really intriguing song. “Pigface” creates images in your mind, and you think about some chaotic performance; which could be gloomy. “We bare the light” has some nostalgic-melancholic feel and the voice is very dramatic. This song is pretty inclined to the Dark Wave style… through the looking glass of Vidi Aquam.”Withered Flowers” has this Death Rock background provided by the rhythm section, the guitar work is pretty rich, and the voice is theatrical. More than singing, it is like if he is reciting some delusional monologue. “Diva glance” is a passionate and powerful track; it is really fine Dark Wave adorned with sublime female voice. It is very 90’s in spirit, and really good. And.. .“ Fosca” is the eerie and gloomy final track, with ritualistic mood.

Honestly, I have to say congratulations to this band; they have done a great work here. The fans will be more than pleased with this new release, because it has all of the elements of their sound with refreshing strength. And new comers will get such a really good impression, and they will be hooked; because this is a great way to introduce you into the music of this veteran band. 

Daniel Olvera

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