Friday, February 8, 2013

Midnight Caine

Country: Sweden
Formed in: 2007
Location: Västerås
Members: Fredrik Andrén - Vocals / Mattias Balk - Guitar / Henrik Trollvad - Bass
Contact: info @

Midnight Caine was formed in 2007 with the drive to make dark, atmospheric, dynamic and eerie music.  The bands goal is to create and bring to life that certain ambience which is significant for Midnight Caine. Midnight Caine is a rockn roll band but also a deeper atmospheric, suggestive musical experience. The music and lyrics touch upon visions, dreams, passions and the mysteries of life and death. inspiration has been drawn from the mystical and occult side of the Victorian era and from ancient myths and esotericism.

The band has since the start in 2007 gone through some reformations. In the early phase of the bands development only consisting of the two founders, Fredrik Andrén and Joakim Galle, Midnight Caine was one of the winners in the Garden Of Delight Cover Contest, with the song Spirit Invocation and took part on the  album A Tribute to G.O.D. In 2008 other musicians joined the band and the first album started to take form. The band enterred the studio to record the debut and during this time the band started to reform. In 2009 the bands lineup changed and new musicians were recruited, who were able to take the band to another level of improvement and later on the debut album was finished. At once the band started to work on the second album which was released in 2010. Again Midnight Caine started to transform and in early 2011 the band became a trio. Even though it has been busy and messy times since the start, the true energy of Midnight Caine has always been a present force. The music of Midnight Caine is said to have several elements. Sometimes a crossover between genres. Since the musicans of the band come from different musical backgrunds with different experience its a natural thing for the band to not lock themselves to a certain form. 

Dead & Reborn 2009 / Forevermore 2010 / Mirrors 2012

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