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Country of origin: Belgium
Year of creation: As Crucifire : 1996, as Ahráyeph : 2000
City/ Location: Leuven
Official site:
- Raf - Vocals, Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Bass, Synths, Programming
Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography
“There is only one Ahráyeph : the brainchild of self taught musician and producer Raf, thrown into existence kicking and screaming (mostly screaming, on an awful sounding demo with sophomoric song lyrics to boot) back in 1996 under the name Crucifire, then continued around the turn of the century under this new moniker. There can be only one.

2007 saw the Mk. I version of the band on stage, opening up for UK Goth Rock darlings N.F.D., receiving praises from Tony Pettitt himself (if you are here, you know who the man is and what his musical credentials are), as he was amazed it was their first ever concert as a band. They were brazen enough to play 'Blue Water' in his honour as we was onlooking.

2008 saw the release of debut album 'Marooned On Samsara', through the eager distribution channels of D-Monic Records.

2009 saw the first incarnation of the band unceremoniously sacked for lack of dedication and prevalence to skiing holidays in midsummer over playing festivals.

2010 showed promise and a slow return to form in the Flying V clad shape of new guitar player Xavier, joining quickly enough to do a one off gig at the first and probably only Spain Gothic Festival, as well as the late addition of keyboard player Ness in the very snowy depths of winter.

2011 was spent readying this new formation for live gigs.

2012 saw the band release several video clips, among others for the former Crucifire song 'White Square II', as well as play severa live gigs, the most prestigious of which was the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany. Unfortunately, this was also the year the band formula fell apart. Xavier proved not to be up to the task and was fired under mutual agreement, while Ness bowed out under the strain of personal issues at the end of the year. Raf felt it was time to go back to project status, electing not to try and find new band members for the time being and also decided not to release a new album due to the dire economic situation and the equally horrible state the music business is in. Instead, he decided to exclusively release new songs on Ahráyeph's Bandcamp page.

2013, right out of the gate, gave rise to a multi release of no less than six new songs which were slated to be featured on the cancelled second album. Raf will be releasing more songs from these sessions as well as new songs which are still to be written. There is no end in sight...”

Official Discography:
- Heralding The Marooned (2007 - free giveaway demo CD)
- Marooned On Samsara (D-Monic Records, 2008 - Full album)
- Official 2 track Download Demo Maiden By The Sea/Resolve (A Dirge) (2009 - official download torrent)
- Eden EP (2009 - Unique download on iTunes, later re- released exclusively
- White Square II (2010 - Exclusive download on
- The Rain Suite (Unlovable Mix) (2010 - Exclusive download on
- Never Summer Land (The Sisters Of Mercy cover) (2011 - Listening only exclusive on
- Misanthropia (Indignados Mix) (2011 - Exclusive download on
- Leaving (Sophia cover) (2011 - Exclusive download on
- New Album, title TBA

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