Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Drowning Season - Tomorrow´s Gone - EP (2013)

The Drowning Season 
Tomorrow´s Gone - EP
Morphenic Release

The American gothic rock band The Drowning Season, based in Baltimore, has returned stronger than ever. It’s surprisingly outstanding how this band has created their best work to date since The Hollow album back in 2002. With a complete line-up the band sounds more solid and the tracks sound more gothic rock, and when I say gothic rock I say it with CAPS. The Drowning Season is one of the American bands that have a great reputation in the underground, and one of the American heroes of the third wave of gothic rock. I still remember when I discovered this band in a website called, about 11 years ago. That was the place where the bands uploaded their music for promotion. No social medias at that time! And I was surprised. 17 months after their last album Drum Machines And Amphetamines the band returns with a 3-track EP called Tomorrow’s Gone. Three powerful tracks that are like a teaser for the upcoming full length album.  We are in front of a more glowing The Drowning Season, and their fans will enjoy the new EP a lot, I’m sure of that. I highly recommend this EP, if you don’t know The Drowning Season yet, this will be your opportunity to discover them. Better late than never! For now, this is a digital release, and the band is planning to release it on CD. You can get it now here: LINK  

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