Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sweet Ermengarde - Raynham Hall (2013)

Raynham Hall
Équinoxe Records | Nova Media Distribution

This is Gothic Rock!!!!

Meanwhile a lot of people refuse to believe the third wave of gothic rock and post punk is a fact, here is a perfect proof that they are wrong. It is really hard to find a simple equation to dissect an amazing brilliant debut album from this german band called Sweet Ermengarde. Their proposal is just 100% pure 90´s gothic rock with a new millennium production. This is one of the most complete albums I have heard in the last 13 years, since the new millennium started, when the second wave declined. The fact is you can find some influences and elements of Love Like Blood, Fields Of The Nephilim, Ikon, The House Of Usher, the most dark Golden Apes. Sometimes this album has some vibes and passages that remind me of Elusive, the early Secret Discovery, so you can imagine this cocktail in one cd. Raynham Hall is a masterpiece in its genre and I'm pretty sure this album will catch the attention of all gothic rockers around the world. This album is not easy digesting listening, because they make really complex music that makes Raynham Hall a slow digest delicatessen. Nowadays it is really strange to see gothic rock bands playing with real drums and here you can find a stunning option if you miss the analogic and real drums on a gothic rock album. Probably this is one of shortest reviews i ever wrote, but this is because there is no more words to describe what is simply brilliant. One of the best albums this year so far, one of the best albums of the new decade and one band which will be one the big names in a short period of time, time will tell. 

Sweet Ermengarde is a band gothic as fuck!

Oskar Terramortis

As Oskar Said, there is no much to write about this, Sweet Ermengarde is traditional Gothic Rock of excellence. This is a stunning album and is such a delight for everyone who loves Gothic Rock. The music of Sweet Ermengarde is both exciting, and elegant, with a great sense of melody. When talking about them; maybe you will do some mentions about the big names of this kind of music, and that’s quite a good sign; because Sweet Ermengarde are really good in their style. But in my personal point of view, I found a very distinctive sound; it is traditional, but they have the intention of make their own story, to write their own tale. And they have the talent necessary to do this. I like their Gothic Rock sound which is finely crafted and well balanced, their music is not uni-dimensional, it has too much things to discover and enjoy. While listening to this record in different times, you will appreciate all of what they have put in this album. The other great thing about them is that they are not trying to clone to anybody, and this is much appreciated!

Definitely “Raynham Hall” is quite a remarkable album; everything here has great level (songwriting, execution, and production work) in few words: Top Musicians doing real (and very cool) Gothic Rock.

Daniel Olvera

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