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Country: Germany
Formed in: 2004
Location: Stuttgart/Berlin
Members: Marc Mato Skah, David White
Contact: Andy (at) Mato Music Germany


Marc Mato Skah was born in Germany and works as a musician, artist and songwriter. He played in several bands and started his own soloproject in 2005. It is called MATO (meandtheothers). Nowadays he lives in Stuttgart and Berlin. The first MATO (meandtheothers) album is called »Debut« and was released in the year 2011. 10 songs composed, played, arranged and produced by Marc Mato Skah and David White. He invited several singers to write lyrics and compose vocals.


MATO (meandtheothers) »Debut« - Release 5/20/2011
Tracks: 9 / Playtime 59.22 min

1. meandtheothers (featuring Jensara Swan, France)
2. more than rest (featuring Jeff Diehm, USA)
3. we´ve got to learn( featuring Bret Helm, USA)
4. invisible dream (featuring Michele Joyce, USA)
5. going blind (featuring Michael Körner, Sweden)
6. revival (featuring Carmen Espenaes, Norway)
7. places we lost (featuring MaryO Poor, Slovakia)
8. untitled (featuring eLL, Poland)
9. this is the new silence (featuring the bats and the bear)
Bonus-Track 10. celebrate (eternal) *

All music and arrangements by Marc M. Skah and David White except words on ‘celebrate (eternal)’
»Celebrate« Music & words: Carl McCoy, Tony Pettitt, Alexander James Wright, Paul Alexander Wright, Peter Yates
* © Universal/Momentum Music Ltd./Universal Music Publishing GmbH

MATO (meandtheothers) »Debut« Bonus Single - Release 5/20/2011
Tracks: 2 / Playtime 9.20 min

1. invisible dream (RMX by Mel Merio and Christofer Just, USA)
2. more than rest (RMX by The Sixth Dalai Lama, Germany)

David White & Marc Mato Skah »TBA« – Release »tba«

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