Sunday, May 5, 2013

Der Himmel über Berlin

Country: Italy
Formed in: 2009
Location: Trieste
Website: Facebook
Davide Simeon, guitars -
Paolo Rossi: Vocals and Drums 
Stefano Bradaschia, bass guitar
Contact: mailseria @ - 0039 348 6419123


Der Himmel über Berlin (The Sky over Berlin) were formed in Trieste in 2009 by Davide Simeon and Paolo Rossi. Postpunk and New Wave followers, der Himmel über Berlin hark back to different music styles: from Joy Division’s and Bauhaus’ essential and rough concept, to the Sister of Mercy’s darker sounds, up to Cure’s and Echo and the Bunnyman’s compositive diversity. With the current lineup, the band has released so far 2 Eps (Der Himmel über Berlin and Lied vom Kindsein) and one live album, taken from their show at Tonino Discobar in Ponte Tresa (CH). Throughout 2012 live gigs have been performed all over northern Italy and Switzerland including, among others, performances at the Gothic Room in Turin and Shelter Club in Milan. Memories Never Fade, the band’s debut album, was released on the 25th December 2012 with production and distribution by Swiss Dark Nights. The record consists of 11 tracks, some of them already released on the two previous Eps, while others only performed live. Throughout 2013 the band has been on tour to support their debut album, performing gigs all over Europe and playing, among others, at the Madame Claude in Berlin.


- Der Himmel über Berlin (EP)
- Lied vom Kindsein (EP)
- Memories Never Fade (LP)

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