Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Split Image

Country: Greece
Formed in: 1981
Location: Athens
Website: -
Members: George Scordilis (guitar-vocals), Giannis Charalambidis ( keyboards, backing vocals), Stathis Papandreou (drums), Eriana Tzaneli (bass guitar).
Contact:Stathis: [email protected] , George: [email protected] ,Giannis: [email protected]


Split Image were formed in late 1981 in Corfu, Greece by George Scordilis.  In 1983 they moved to Athens where they performed many shows at the live music venues of the time as well as many concerts, while they participated at AETA, a collaboration of Greek bands at that time.  They were also interviewed on Argiris Zilos' radio show in 1984, which resulted with a few proposals for an album to follow and a co-operation with Virgin which failed due to different views between the group and the producer. The band stopped playing in 1989 due to various external factors and reasons.

The group was based on the songwriting partnership of George (guitar, voice, programming) and Giannis (keyboards, backing voices, e-bass) who being left alone from the initial quartet, continued in the early 90's to rehearse, record and play at various parties their old material with the help of sequencers giving the songs a classical touch with the addition of plenty of string and wind instruments.

Several inactive years followed when in 2007 they both met and decided to revive their old material along with any new ideas.

They band regrouped with three of the original members from the 80s, George Scordilis (guitar-vocals), Giannis Charalambidis (ex Anypoforoi, keyboards, backing vocals) and Stathis Papandreou (ex Adiexodo, drums).  The new addition is Eriana Tzaneli (bass guitar).

 Since then they have performed at many live events at SinCity-7sins Club, After Dark Club, Camelot Club and elsewhere, as well as festivals such as Playhouse Gottique III & IV and Dark Days Festival I, II & III. 

They have also supported the brittish bands Faces of Sarah and Vendemian at Dada Club as well as Georgio 'the dove' Valentino feat Blaine L. Reininger at 7sins Club.

The slight different musical influences of the members resulted in an atmospheric sound which could be called darkwave, early gothic with classical music's influence.

At the end of January 2012 their first album "exposure" was released by Dead Scarlet records on CD and shortly will be on a double vinyl album.

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