Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Opera Chaotique

Country: GREECE
Formed in: 2011
Location: ATHENS
Members: Tenorman & Voodoo Drummer (George Tziouvaras & Chris Koutsogiannis)
Contact: operachaotique @


Once upon a time, not too long ago, in a dark haunted theatre in the center of Paris they met. Tenorman was performing the Phantom of the Opera and Voodoo Drummer was playing percussion in the orchestra… but the show was a failure!!! And this “failure” was actually very inspiring since it lead them to … the creation of  OPERA CHAOTIQUE, a… different band, completely out of the ordinary,  that, through the combination of multiple genres of music: Opera, Gothic & Alternative Rock  manages to bring to life what  up until now has existed only in their imagination! A unique “Crossover cabaret” show, filled with musical postmodern pastiche but also with prototype compositions, all mixed with the narration of dark or comical stories, theatrical play and amazing improvisations. Their musical journey started in May 2011, and since then they have travelled to PARIS, BERLIN, BARCELONA, LONDON, ATHENS, BUDAPEST, BUCHAREST and BELGRADE  having performed in front of hundreds of people and having received excellent reviews from the European & International Press.

To quote: "Operatic singer and pianist Tenorman was singing only with big orchestras. The Voodoo Drummer was performing around the world with Jazz bands. Together now, they mixed two dissimilar genres ,Opera & Jazz. Challenging all the stereotypes they created a novel jazz-opera experience in an international Cabaret evening where characters of opera and musical fame found themselves in the streets of New Orleans." (From TIP BERLIN & ΕΧBERLINER, DE)

 "Death of the Phantom of the Opera" 2012  (HiddenTrack Records)

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