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Country of origin: Germany
Year of creation: 2002
City/ Location: Waldheim
Official site:
Members: Micha (Micha: guitar / Bass / Voice & Jens: Keyboard)
Side projects: Im LimmRitz (2006-2008, no recordings), Einlass 15:50 (2004-2006, no
Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography: 
Two men and a drum machine are Lisa Wars. The band founded in 2002. Jens (keyboards, synthesizer) and Micha (guitar, vocals) playing their very own vision of dark music. Far from any barriers LisaWars is a mixed cocktail of new wave, goth and punk. Strange lyrics and minimal instrumentation.In self-directed LisaWars already released 10 demo-CDs (Am Schloß, Licht aus!, Noch nicht verloren, Nicole im Schatten,Das Alte Spiel, Oststadtträume, TöpelnInsane, NeunAchtSiebenVierSechs, Trashwave-Live, Wo warst du ). All Demos released under Creative-Common.

Official Discography:
 Am Schloß (2003)
Licht aus! (2004)
Noch nicht verloren (2005)
Nicole im Schatten (2007)
Das Alte Spiel (2009)
Oststadtträume (2009)
TöpelnInsane (2009)
NeunAchtSiebenVierSechs (2011)
Trashwave-Live (2011)
Wo warst du (Single) (2011)

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